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Boundary Waters 83 Juried into H2OH!

BWaters83web500Boundary Waters 83
39.5 x 40 inches
Materials:  White cotton fabric, non-woven fabric, Lutradur, ink, gel medium, acrylic paint, miniature paper fasteners.  Techniques:  Screen print, paint, collage, cut, punch, fasten.
Virginia A. Spiegel

Boundary Waters 83 is one of 34 artworks from 522 entries juried into H2OH!, a Studio Art Quilt Associates traveling exhibit focusing on water. A list of all the accepted artists and venues already scheduled for the next three years are here.

I SOOOOOOOO wanted to be in this exhibit because when I am by or on a lake, river, or ocean I feel I have arrived exactly where I need and want to be.  And, of course, the waters of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are near and dear to my heart. I continue making artwork in this series not just as an artistic expression of how I feel about the landscape, but also as witness to an area that must be cherished and protected from development and exploitation.


Boundary Waters 83 – Detail 1

There are three artworks in this series within the series.  The other two are under wraps until I enter them a few more places. There is no stitching in the three artworks. Let’s just say THOUSANDS of miniature paper fasteners would not be an exaggeration. The action of punching small holes and inserting the fasteners is actually quite similar to hand-stitching and equally time consuming.


BWaters83Dtl2500webBoundary Waters 83 – Detail 2


01 2017

Twelve new artworks up today!

SunWaterRock3300Sun, Water, Rock 3

Twelve new artworks are up today on my website. They are, of course, inspired by the Boundary Waters.  The interplay of sun and water over submerged rocks in infinitely interesting and very, very calming.

SunWaterRock8300Sun, Water, Rock 8

All of the artworks are handpainted white cotton fabric, cut and torn, sewn and then cut again and collaged.  Each artwork is mounted on a painted 12x12x.75″ stretched canvas. The artwork is wired for hanging and shipping is included to most locations.

SunWaterRock4300Sun, Water, Rock 4


09 2015

New Artwork: Water, Rock, Tree

waterrocktree448Water, Rock, Tree
27.5″ x 31″
White cotton and non-woven fabric painted with acrylic paint
with brush and brayer, screen printed, duck cloth, felt.
Collaged, raw-edge applique, machine stitched with rayon thread.

My sister and I just completed our twenty-second wilderness canoe trip in the Boundary Waters (a million acres of wilderness along the Canadian/U.S. border) and the landscape continues to amaze me.


It is simply a world of water, rock, and tree. But the environment is endlessly changing from minute to minute.


If you look closely, over time you will see patterns repeating from the water, to rocks stacked along the shore, to the beautiful bark of giant pine trees.


Details showing some of the hand-painted and screenprinted fabrics in this very layered and dimensional artwork:waterrocktreeDtl448


See all sixty-eight Boundary Waters artwork here.



08 2015

Found art and what I am thinking about

Photo by Nancy J. Spiegel Rosman

When I am in the Boundary Waters I try to keep my mind blank, but open.  A terrifically hard thing for me personally.  But art will out.  We were having “rock time” and I started pushing “stuff” around with a little stick.  The time floated by as the little stick worked its magic in finding and arranging things found on the rock.  I wonder what the next person who arrives on these campsite rocks will think of this found-object collage.

I’m always looking, looking, looking from the canoe, on the portage, and in camp.  Here are some of the themes I am, once again, contemplating with these new images as inspiration:

The juxtaposition of hard and soft; the timelessness of nature, the ephemeral nature of humans.

The beauty of decay, the cycling of all things in life from life to death.

The abundance of everything in nature, even spawn upon the shore.

The power of water; the mystery of reflection.


09 2009