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A Wall of Java Art!

The Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange based on Lynn Krawczyk’s new book was a ton of fun (shown above are my artworks).  If you remember, we swapped 6″ square artworks using Lynn’s coffee cup graphic in Intentional Printing in any size plus three printing techniques from the book.


I first painted the 6″ canvas squares from Dick Blick starting with turquoise paint, then adding ultramarine to the turquoise, and finally adding green to the mixture.  Every canvas is in the same color family, but different. I purposely left the paint streak-y, so the variations would show. Artwork shown at the top of the stacked canvases is by Eileen Hallock (left) and Jay Dodds (right).

I adhered the artwork to the canvases with gel medium, brayered over them carefully, and left them to dry under weights.


Here is my java art wall (yes, it is painted espresso brown) with its 12 new additions.



06 2014

Artists Inspired by “Intentional Printing”

bookandfabric400Intentional Printing by Lynn Krawczyk.  Published by Interweave/F+W Media

Johansen400The artists in the Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange are finishing up their artwork this week. Marie Johansen will be exchanging four artworks and keeping one for herself. I really like how her stitching reflects java-induced ENERGY!

HallocksmallEileen Hallock of Painted Kimono Studio photocopied Lynn’s coffee cup graphic from the book, shrank it, and then traced it onto the fabric. All three of her charming artworks follow the kimono theme.  Eileen’s artworks strike me as delicate even though the colors are bold and bright.

Vukovicstamp400Gordana Vukovic is hard at work on her java art, but sent this photo of a stamp she carved from Lynn’s graphic.  She is also working on a stencil.  The best exchanges happen when artists follow their own strengths and adapt the requirements accordingly.

McDonald400Margaret McDonalds base for her java art was a piece of shibori fabric created in one of Bethany Garner‘s workshops.


Detail above from one of Margaret’s hand-stiched artworks.  She, like many of the artists, is keeping one of these artworks for her own java-art wall.


04 2014

Oooh, Java Art!


The Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange is in progress with 24 artists working with at least 3 techniques and a coffee cup graphic from Lynn Krawczyk’s new book.

CunninghamM400Michael Cunningham was first to send me photos of his 12 completed artworks.  Shown above is a detail. Love the dynamic (dare I say, caffeinated) letters.

BaldwinInProgress400Rhonda Baldwin shared her work table and …

BaldwinDone400 her two completed beautiful artworks for exchange.  Rhonda liked the process so much, s
she also made a piece for her kitchen coffee wall.

VanSoestFabric400One of several complex fabrics for the java-themed artwork that Mary Ann Van Soest created using techniques from Lynn’s book.

VanSoestFinished400The four artworks Mary Ann will be exchanging.

Westcott400Sally Westcott will be exchanging these six high-contrast artworks. The heart print was created with a handmade foam stamp, one of the techniques shared in Lynn’s book.

Stay tuned for more great  artwork as the 24 artists work toward the May 2 deadline for completing their 6-inch square artwork for the Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange.







04 2014

Last Day! Sign-Up for Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange

JavaLoveStitchI love hand-stitching with threads from Laura Wasilowski’s Artfabrik!

Today’s the last day to join an exchange of java-themed art based on Lynn Krawczyk’s new Intentional Printing book published by Interweave/F+W Media. It is available as an e-book also with both version currently on sale.

All the details of the Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange are here.

The Exchange group, as of this morning, with participants from the U.S., Canada, and Australia:

Lynn Krawczyk
Virginia A. Spiegel
Jamie Fingal
Janice Novachcoff
Bethany Garner
Mary Ann Van Soest
Rhonda Baldwin
Von Biggs
Jay Dodds
Gisela Towner
Deirdre Abbotts
Michael P. Cunningham
Gordana Vukovic
Anne McMillan
Marissa Vidrio
Gwen Maxwell-Williams
Marie Z. Johansen
Eileen Hallock
Sylvia Weir
Sally Wescott
Liz Berg
Jeanette Thompson
Rebecca Buchanan
Margaret McDonald


04 2014

“Intentional Printing” Java Art Exchange – You’re Invited!


Love java? Love art?  Love Lynn Krawczyk’s new book, Intentional Printing:  Simple Techniqes for Inspired Fabric Art?  

Please join us for the Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange.  Important Dates:

April 15, 2014: Deadline for commitment to participate
May 2, 2014: Deadline for completion of art
May 5, 2014: Artists will receive the e-mail of the artists to whom they should ship their java art. Artists will contact the new owners for a shipping address. You may need to ship your artwork outside the continental U.S.
May 9, 2014: Last day for artwork to be shipped by artists to the new owners.

All the details are here.

These are a few of my 6″ printed squares for the exchange – yet to be hand stitched.


04 2014