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2017 – Off to a good start!



It’s the start of my studio season with hardly any snow, but temps in the single digits.  It’s such a joy to be once again inspired and working in the studio every day.

Above is an artwork I just started for the Studio Art Quilter’s Spotlight Auction at their annual conference.  It’s two layers of Lutradur stitched together and burned.  The inserted fabric is hand painted and I added ink highlights.  Now on to hand-stitching!  Title: December 21.

I also have in the works two new Boundary Waters – one of which I am sure to bring to completion, the other is a bit shaky at the moment.  Onward!


01 2017

Artwork Selected for “Form, Not Function”


Shagbark7500 Shagbark 7
Virginia A. Spiegel
Photographed on a black background by Deidre Adams

It’s always a thrill to have artwork juried into an exhibit and even more so when it is Form, Not Function.  Only twenty-seven artworks were chosen for the exhibit to be held at the Carnegie Center for Art & History, New Albany, IN.

The exhibit opens May 11 and runs through July 11.

This is the artwork for which I wrote the essay How to Stick with the Stitching as I handstitched on it for pretty much all of last winter.

SHAGBARK7Dtl600 Shagbark 7 – Detail


03 2015

In the Studio: All About the Stitching


First up today is a salute to the changing of the seasons.  I have this artwork up all winter in the bedroom, but have taken it down for something lighter. It’s HEAVILY machine stitched and was created from a variety of materials including velvet, a tweed-type fabric, black felt topped with polyester fabric and burned out, commercial zebra print, my painted fabric, duck cloth, and more.  It is 24×36 inches.


Second is the hand-stitching I am doing this week for the Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange.  This is one of the 6″ square printed and stiched artworks I will be exchanging.


And, of course, stitching continues slowly on Shagbark.  It’s especially slow because I am bit-by-bit taking out all the stitching I did in the beginning which now seem to be going in the wrong direction; e.g. the blue stitches in the photo above.  Taking out handstitching is really a bit heartbreaking, but I just couldn’t ignore something that no longer fit my vision for the artwork. More and more I am learning that I am an artist who continues to evolve an artwork as long as I’m still working on it.


04 2014

Last Day! Sign-Up for Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange

JavaLoveStitchI love hand-stitching with threads from Laura Wasilowski’s Artfabrik!

Today’s the last day to join an exchange of java-themed art based on Lynn Krawczyk’s new Intentional Printing book published by Interweave/F+W Media. It is available as an e-book also with both version currently on sale.

All the details of the Intentional Printing Java Art Exchange are here.

The Exchange group, as of this morning, with participants from the U.S., Canada, and Australia:

Lynn Krawczyk
Virginia A. Spiegel
Jamie Fingal
Janice Novachcoff
Bethany Garner
Mary Ann Van Soest
Rhonda Baldwin
Von Biggs
Jay Dodds
Gisela Towner
Deirdre Abbotts
Michael P. Cunningham
Gordana Vukovic
Anne McMillan
Marissa Vidrio
Gwen Maxwell-Williams
Marie Z. Johansen
Eileen Hallock
Sylvia Weir
Sally Wescott
Liz Berg
Jeanette Thompson
Rebecca Buchanan
Margaret McDonald


04 2014

In the Studio: Combining Two “Technologies”


These two new collages on my website unite two very different “technologies.”

Organica2350Organica 2

The writing and the photos of a woodpile were both printed on silk chiffon using a Epson printer with Durabrite Ultra inks.  The fabric – seen on the right edge of Organica and underlying both artworks – is 100% white cotton fabric monprinted with textile paint.  The collages are both hand and machine stitched.

I adore monoprinting.  I made a pretty complete illustrated compendium of techniques I use for Quilting Arts’ In Stitches, Vol. 8 which is still available as a download.


03 2014