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Q&A #2 – THE 100 Fundraiser to Fight Cancer

FFAC2015logoAll the info on how to be one of the lucky 100 Patrons of THE 100 beginning at 10 a.m. Central on February 4 is here, but there are ways to make your participation go more smoothly.  Q&A #2:

1. How can I be sure my Request to Donate won’t go to your spam folder?  I’m pretty sure I won’t have a lot of time to check my spam folder while the event is in progress. If you would like to be sure your Request to Donate does not go in my spam folder on February 4, send a trial message before February 4 to Virginia(at)

2.  What if I would like more than one artwork? Just indicate the number you would like in your Request to Donate.  Each artwork requires a donation of $100.  If you are one of the lucky Patrons and artwork is still available I will send a reply to your Request along these lines, “You are one of the lucky Patrons! Here is the special link to donate.  Please donate $200 for the 2 artwork you have requested.”


Night Windows by Terry Grant
More info about this artwork

3. Why won’t I hear back immediately that I am or am not one of the lucky 100 Patrons?  Please remember it’s just me fielding Requests to Donate, making sure donations have been made, and making sure that there are 100 and only 100 Patrons. Patience and a sense of humor are always needed during a fundraiser. Thank you for yours!

4.  How is the artwork is assigned?  A third party will do the assigning using a random number generator.  I won’t know which artwork goes where until the spreadsheet with the assignments is forwarded to me after the event.  I think it’s exciting knowing that you might receive any of the stunning artworks made by THE 100 Artists. It’s like hitting the jackpot since the artists are a veritable Who’s Who!

5.  If I am one of the 100 Patrons, how will I know whose artwork I will receive?  You will receive an e-mail from your artist. The 100 generous and talented artists are listed here.  If you don’t receive an e-mail by February 11 from an artist, contact me ASAP.

CongdonOrangeFiestaOrange Fiesta by Gerri Congdon

6.  What about shipping?  THE 100 Artists are not only donating the artwork, but also shipping it to you.  Remember THE 100 Artists are from around the world, so shipping may be quite expensive for them.  In every case, please thank your artist for their generosity.

See more of the wonderful artwork for THE 100 on our Pinterest board, maintained by Deborah Boschert.


01 2015

Accept a Challenge + Win Artwork in the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer


The Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer has PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES from our wonderful Sponsors.  Everyone who donates to the American Cancer Society through the event beginning January 15 will be entered in the drawings for these prizes.

But we will also be having some special challenges to help move the little red shoe around the track and reach our goal of $5000 to add to the $230,000 we have already donated to the ACS.

Read more about Gerrie Congdon’s Challenge here.

Tomme Fent inspired my personal challenge to you.  Just ask your friends and family to sponsor your “running” of the Fiber 5K.  You can collect the donations and make one donation during the event or ask them to donate through the Fiber 5K when the event opens.  Either way, just let me know during the event that you have made this extra effort and you will be entered to win this artwork:

2013Collage3webThe Wisdom of Trees
Virginia A. Spiegel
Stitched Collage
Painted cotton fabric, digitally edited inkjet print of photo
by the artist on silk organza, thread, ink.
7×5″ mounted and matted to 10×8″

It’s the honor system for this challenge and don’t forget that the more you are able to donate the more chances you have to win prizes. See Details here.

More news coming soon about other special challenges. Thank you for your support of this Fiberart For A Cause event.

Want to know more about Fiberart For A Cause? FAQ




01 2014

Unique Custom-Printed Fabric Collection – It’s a Prize!


The Printed Fabric Bee is a printed fabric exchange among ten professional textile artists.The artists are creating a special collection by each printing and donating a custom-printed fat quarter as a prize for the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer on January 15.

One lucky donor to the American Cancer Society through the Fiber 5K will win this entire unique collection.

The well-known artists and their websites are: Lynn KrawczykJulie B. BoothGerrie CongdonLeslie RileyCarol R. EatonJackie Lams, Lisa ChinSusan Purney MarkLynda Heines, and Pokey Bolton.

Below are a sampling of the fabrics  of the Fiber 5K Collection:

LynnKFabric500Lynn Krawczyk’s is donating this lively custom-printed fabric.

PrintedBeeEaton500Carol Eaton’s beautiful donation to the cause.

Heinesfabric500Wood-block printed and ice-dyed fabric created by Lynda Heines for the collection.

CongdonPFBfabric500Gerrie Congdon’s fabric for the 5K Collection.  Gerrie has also issued
a Challenge for all “runners” in the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer.

PFBBoothwebJulie B. Booth’s “heartfelt” fabric. Check out her blog for fabric inspiration ++.

PFBeeMarkSusan500hCustom-printed fabric donated by Susan Purney Mark

PFBChinLisa400Dynamic fabric donated by Lisa Chin

PFBLamsJackie500Wow!  Gorgeous fabric printed by Jackie Lams



12 2013

A Challenge and “Training” for the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer

Artist Gerrie Congdon  is issuing a challenge for all the “runners” in the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer.  She has donated a special prize from her amazing stash. Everyone who donates at least $100 to the ACS through Fiberart For A Cause during the event will be entered in a drawing for these unique fabrics which includes an 18″ square batik panel:


Of course the challenge is in addition to all the other fiber-licious prizes to be given away in drawings throughout the event.

The Fiber 5K is a virtual race with each $1 donated equal to one meter of the 5K distance ($5000 raised for the American Cancer Society).   If you wanted to think about “training” for the event, you could set aside just $1 a day between now and January 15 and be able to donate $24.  Throw in another dollar and you are at the $25 donation level for which you will be entered 2x in any upcoming drawings. More details here.

The Surface Design Association has added the Fiber 5K to their online calendar. We decided to list the event as lasting three months, but really?!?  Last year we raised more than $8000 in eight hours.

Can we run the race this year in one day?



12 2013

Review of “Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge”

“Twelve by Twelve:  The International Art Quilt Challenge” is officially available March 1 in bookstores, but it already available online here at a very good price.

Two word summary of this review:  Buy it.

I have had the book here awhile, thanks to Lark sending a preview copy, but it has taken this long to work my way through it.  That’s a good thing!  Twelve artists from around the world challenged each other every other month to create a 12×12” art quilt with a theme chosen by one of the members of the group.

Sure the whole group challenge thing has been done before, but what makes this group and their art stand out is the joy and camaraderie revealed in this book.  Each chapter features one of the twelve artworks almost full-page sized and the artist of that artwork writes the chapter.  Running along the bottom half of each page of the chapter is one of the other artworks with a short artist statement.

Either (or maybe I should say either/or) these are twelve of the best artist/writers around or they had a superlative editor in Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader.  Each chapter is unique, personal, useful, engaging, and just down right interesting. I kept being distracted by the other artworks on the bottom half of the pages until I finally worked out a system.

First I went to the back of the book and read all the artists’ biographies.  Then I read all twelve small sidebars listed in the back. The sidebars are full of useful stuff such as Demystifying the Thermofax, On Sketchbook and Journals, and Twelve Reasons to Blog.

THEN I looked at and read about all twelve art quilts for each theme and THEN finally I read the chapter by the one featured artist straight through.  That’s why I gave such a hearty thumbs-up to this book; it’s just full of interesting information and insight.

The chapter written by each featured artist clearly points out both the why and how of working in many different styles.  Some artists looked to traditional patterns, some researched word associations, and some looked to contemporary and historical issues related to the theme for inspiration.  Each chapter points out the richness and detail of the featured artwork that might have escaped our first perusal.

At first glance you might think some of the artwork is a bit traditional to be called art quilts. But it is so disarming to read the artists’ own critiques of their artworks and to see how artists progressed throughout the challenges.  I think Terri Stegmiller said it best, “A major benefit I have gained … is the drive to try and push myself beyond my normal limitations.”

I hear again and again that people just want how-to books.  I beg to differ.  I think many readers delight in insights about how fiber artists work, what their studios look like, how they came to be artists, and their joys and challenges in life and in the studio.  I felt as though I came to know each of these artists through their sharing this two-year-long online collaboration.

Visit the Twelve by Twelve artists’ group website here and their blog here for more information about the group and the twelve artists that include Deborah Boschert, Gerrie Congdon, Helen L. Conway, Kirsten Duncan, Terry Grant, Diane Perin Hock (founder of the group), Francoise Jamart, Kristin La Flamme, Karen Rips, Brenda Gael Smith, Terri Stegmiller, and Nikki Wheeler.


02 2011