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Inspiration for Tuesday, July 14 – 2009


Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.  This photo was taken on a bridge at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Given the riot of color around me, it was an unusual choice for a photo.  But if you have been following Inspiration Tuesday for awhile, you know that I love shadows for their ephemeral and mysterious nature.


07 2009

Inspiration for Tuesday, May 19 – 2009

Spring Hearts

This is, of course, bleeding heart.  Such a pretty and delicate plant for Spring. My Mom gave me a start of a white bleeding heart last year; it hasn’t even thought about blooming yet.  The garden seems ahead of itself with Nepeta, Japanese iris, perennial bachelor buttons and peony ready to bloom already.  The daffodils are done and the tulips are just going over. It’s been so perfect with the purple and pink tulips setting off my purple front door.  The weeds are winning at the moment in the BIG front bed.


05 2009

Inspiration for Tuesday, April 28 – 2009


It’s a happy day when I start cutting my own fresh flowers every day.  My friend Phyllis Moore gave me some flowers from her garden in this elegant little mustard jar and I choose it many times over fancier vases.  I planted a variety of daffodils so when one variethy is on the wane, another is blooming and another is just starting up out of the ground.  The ones just opening are very fragrant and more ruffled than these.

Nature Report:  The plants turned out to be bluebells; the bleeding hearts and tulips are just starting.  The robins are finally building nests instead of attacking our windows; the hummingbird feeder is up.  I have heard wrens, but not seen them. The cedar waxwings cleaned off the viburnum berries, but left the ornamental crabapples.  The creek has a pair of geese and I saw a small heron fly over early one morning.  It’s 40 degrees and windy, but Spring is here.


04 2009

Inspiration for Tuesday, April 14 – 2009


I had to go out in the rain yesterday as the daffodils were trying so hard to bloom in the gloom of the day that they were glowing. For those of us who experience winter, daffodils are the ray of hope in the Spring that keep us going until it decides to really warm up.  We are still below freezing at night, so the daffs are quite short this year.

These purple leaves turning green surprised the heck out of me when I was out poking around in the mulch, so I wanted to share them today also.  There is nothing better than finding a surprise in your garden in the Spring.  My sister gave me bluebells and Solomon’s seal last year.  Perhaps these are the bluebells.  After the upheavals of winter, my labels are inconclusive of what is where!


04 2009

Inspiration for Tuesday – November 25


This was the burning bush near my front sidewalk about two weeks ago.  I had never seen a burning bush turn so many different shades and tints of red.  When the leaves fell, they made a carpet of rose pink, magenta, and scarlet with accents of lime green. Soft and beautiful.


11 2008