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Fiber ART Alliance post second Natural Lines artworks.

Fiber Art Alliance, a new group to promote the fiber arts, has now added the second artwork from each of its ten artists for the exhibit Natural Lines.

Boundary Waters 43

My artwork is joined by that of Natalya Aikens, Jeanne Beck, Rosemary Claus-Gray, Karen J. Cooper, Jacque Davis, Becky Howdeshell, Karen Shiehl Osborn, BJ Parady, and Laura Stangel Schmidt.

All the artwork may be viewed in a slideshow with size, price and artist statement.

My first artwork for the exhibit, Boundary Waters 42, is now in the collection of Mary Wise.

These artwork are part, of course, of the ongoing Boundary Waters series. I’m very pleased with these small artworks as they are some of my Boundary Waters themes made visible: the passage of Nature’s time, the brevity of human lives, and the beauty and serenity of a unique world narrowed to tree, rock, sky, water.


08 2009

First Artwork for New Fiber Art Group Posted

A new group to promote the fiber arts, Fiber Art Alliance, now has its website up.  I am happy to be an invited member of this group that includes ten artists. 

Our first exhibit, Natural Lines, will have three pieces by each artist created this year.  The first part of the exhibit is up here.

Of course, I am continuing in the Boundary Waters series for this exhibit.  

Boundary Waters 42

Materials include white cotton fabric, acrylic paint, artist’s photos inkjet printed on silk organza, ink, colored pencil, graphite, foil, embroidery floss, rayon thread. 

Boundary Waters 42 – Detail

This is the pink/orange work (I actually have the two additional works for the exhibit done) that I spoke of earlier.  I am still following the thread of thought that the power of the Boundary Waters includes the ability to make us, as tiny humans, think about the brevity of our own lives versus the eternalness (I do hope) of Nature.  We glimpse just a moment of what is an ever-changing landscape built up and worn down over eons of time.


05 2009