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It’s Pinterest-o-rama!


Deborah Boschert was nice enough to make a Pinterest board of all the “sneak peek” previews of artwork for  The 100, our 2015 Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society on February 4, 2015. Artists are not required to reveal their artwork prior to the event, but how nice that so many are!

I was so intrigued by the concept of the Pinterest boards that I created five for myself:
Creative Process: Tip and Techniques; Inspired by Trees; Inspired by Water; Inspired by Rock; Inspired by Rust and Ruin.  You can see all the boards here.

I hope you will follow The 100 board and stop by and check my boards out also. Feedback welcome!




12 2014

In the Studio: A Cat, Wax, and a Secret Artwork

First up, gratuitous cute cat photo. What to do with a cat, little feral Sparky, who wants to help make art in the painting studio? Put a plastic bin with an old towel inside it on the painting table – Happy Cat!

bluewaxcollage500In the spirit of having some fun, I started off the week with some wax, screenprinted tissue paper, and twig assemblages.  They are in a holding pattern for now as I see if using gel medium to secure the tissue paper was a good idea or not.

Juried invitationals are such a mixed blessing.  You never know if all your hard work to a specific size is going to pay off and you really can’t share any of the work in advance.  My solution is to make a work of art about something different than my current series and something about which I have very strong feelings.  First step, of course, is a little research.


One of the very easiest way to do large lettering is to iron MistyFuse on the back of a fabric, trace letter stencils on the non-shiny side of freezer paper, iron the freezer paper to the fabric, and cut out the letters.  I love this fabric.  It was painted and then stenciled with a cardboard coffee sleeve.


And, keeping with the mandate of keeping the artwork secret until jurying, here is the last component of the artwork I’m going to share.  It’s Lutradur painted in shades from orange to peach with a little bit of red to raspberry.  I thought pale, pale yellow would also be good, but no. Let’s just say this artwork is a lot more fiddly than I’m usually inclined to work and it will involve a fair amount of hand stitching.

*Please join me as I run the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer on January 15, 2014.  Our goal: $5000 for the American Cancer Society.


12 2013

What’s Up This Week in the Studio


As you know from last week, I’m in the painting studio while the work continues upstairs. This week I’ve been working on collages. The key to collage is having lots of fun raw materials.

People are always asking me what mixed media means.  For me it means I like to work with fabric, all kinds of paper, paint, and wax among other materials.  You can see examples of all those media even in the small photo above.  What’s important to me is transforming all my materials by painting with a variety of tools; screen printing; monotyping; inkjet printing using my own photos, stamping with my own carved stamps, etc. etc. before I even start collaging.


Here’s the general set-up with my fav purple chair. Note the painting I added since last week. Cheerful is good with winter coming.


Here’s what it looks like when I’m actually working.  Note the 10×8″ mat with a 7×5″ opening on the right.  I like to see where I am with a collage by using the mat as a framing device.  I use Liquitex matte medium as both adhesive and top coat.


Here’s an ultra-sophisticated collage press.  It’s the weight from the bottom of a floor lamp that died and an old woodcut.  Works a treat!


Here’s one of the works in progress.  See what I mean about mixed media?


11 2013

What’s Up This Week in the Studio


Well, I’m still in the painting studio (a.k.a the basement), but we are on the home stretch on the studio refresh with the painters hard at work. I have bins of fabric that need just something else before I can be serious about using them. The above fabric was something I did to use up paint, so I’m pretty sure I scrunched it up and then painted the ridges with a foam brush.  Then I took a film canister (remember those?!) and dipped the bottom in the paint and stamped away.

Sometimes an improvement is as easy as adding a color as in the above piece.  I painted half red and half blue – -double the possibilities.


I’m also hanging a few things on the wall down there to make it a more inspiring space. This is the trendy “hang-the-empty-frame” thing with the actually useful clipboard full of inspiration. Currently on display is my hero, Helen Frankenthaler.

collagebk Remember this?  It’s a 365 day collage book I did in 2006. (Here’s an interview with Pokey Bolton and WAY at the end is a short clip of the Quilting Arts TV segment I did about using the book as inspiration.  It’s worth a look just for my goofy outfit.).  Let’s just say the book has gone to a higher purpose.


I’ll share more when I have them in place, but here’s a pretty big hint.


11 2013

Painting – Just Going with the Flow



Good news – Hardwood floors and a sparkling coat of white paint are on deck for my studio and two other rooms. Of course, all the emptying, noise of installation, time for painting, and putting everything back seems like it’s taking forever.

In the meantime, I’m in the basement painting.  It’s been a LONG while, so I think going with the flow is best.


First, I layered big pieces of cream, then white canvas, and topped that with two layers of Lutradur.  I thought I would let them bleed down as well as work all four layers at once.  Why not?  These are the two layers of Lutradur in progress with piece 1 painted separately from piece 2 as Lutradur bleeds through very little. Aa I changed colors, I took the Lutradur pieces off the table and laid them on a tarp, then picked them back up when I changed colors.  So back and forth.


Another added detail on the top Lutradur done with a squeeze bottle and very liquid Pebeo Setacolor.


A detail of one of the done-for-today Lutradur pieces with a lot of white space left on purpose.


The top canvas piece (shown to the left) was worked pretty heavily and is, I believe, done. The bottom canvas piece had the red spirals painted on, but the rest is pretty much bleed through.

Painting is always a good antidote to a dark and rainy day as well as the noise of some serious spiffy-ness coming my way.



10 2013