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Rock, Sun, Three Birches


Studio Art Quilt Associates is holding a silent Spotlight Benefit Auction at its Conference in Philadelphia March 31 to April 3.

Please look for my Rock, Sun, Three Birches and many additional small artworks at the Auction.  Thank you!


03 2016

Thank you, Bethany Garner!


Simple 54  is now in the collection of Bethany Garner as a small thank-you for her donation to my fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society.

I’m going low-key this year on the fundraising with a goal of $1000 to help fight cancer.  We’re almost half-way there!

How does it work?

1.  Make a donation of any size to the American Cancer Society on my fundraising page.

2.  Choose a collage from this series (there are three webpages, so be sure to see them all), e-mail me at virginia(at)virginiaspiegel(dot)com, and I will send your new artwork to you.

It’s a win-win!


01 2016

Artworks donated to American Cancer Society fundraiser


I finally managed to really, truly retire Fiberart For A Cause after raising more than a quarter of a million dollars, thanks to generous fiber artists and patrons, for the American Cancer Society.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still support the ACS in honor of my Dad, a long-term colon cancer survivor.  I’m just doing it on a smaller scale.


I’m donating my Java Series collages as thank-you gifts.  Make any size donation directly to the American Cancer Society through my personal fundraising page and choose a collage you would like me to send to you.  You will receive an immediate receipt from the ACS for your donation.


Thank you in advance for your support.


01 2016

Coffee and Collage – What a Combo!


Simple 17

It started as a weekly challenge to myself to participate in the Junk Mail Art Collective on Facebook and has now grown to include over 45 six-by-six inch collages created from junk snail mail.

I’m currently on a roll with the same coffee cup motif I have used from the beginning, but going for a very clean look. The challenge is to make it interesting at the same time. See all the collages here.


Since we’re talking about coffee craziness – – do you use a Keurig or similar single-serve coffee maker?  I need LOTS of the cup boxes for a big mixed-media project.  Above is a sampling of what I’ve already received, but I need about 60 more.  I’m happy to reimburse your postage or send a small thank-you gift.  E-mail me (Virginia(at) for all the details and my snail mail.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


04 2015

New Artwork!


Between 8
Nonwoven fabric, acrylic paint, rayon thread
on stretched canvas.

A new addition this week to the Between series.
Meditations on transitions; inspired by the changing of the seasons.


02 2015