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Land Lines : Exhibit opens this Sunday

BW61500Boundary Waters 61

Karen Stiehl Osborn and I will be showing our artwork in a two-person show at the Jewish Community Center Art Gallery (333 South 132nd Street in Omaha, NE) from August 2 – August 30, 2015.

I will be showing 18 artworks never exhibited before as well as several large artworks from the Boundary Waters series.

Karen and I both work with abstract imagery drawn from the natural world to create lyrical and subtle tributes to specific places.  Our artwork in infused with memory and emotion.


07 2015

Water over Rock and Junk Mail


Still waiting on the new studio windows and still working on the new Boundary Waters artwork about sun on water, water over rock.  This was taken with the piece laying flat on my sewing table.  You can see that I want texture from raised and loose edges.



Also still going on the coffee cup image for my six-inch square collages for the Junk Mail Art Collective on Facebook.  This is “Many.”


09 2014

Most Lyrical x 6; Craziest Handstitching x 1

BW61500Boundary Waters 61

Seven new artworks are up on my website today. There are SIX new Boundary Waters (#61-66) with echoes of tall pines, gorgeous sunsets, water over rock, sun on water.

Shagbark7Dtl400Shagbark 7 – Detail

SHAGBARK 7 is a handstitched, textural homage to my beloved giant hickories.


09 2014

Seven new artwork coming September 1

BW66Dtl500Boundary Waters 66 – Detail

I’ve been spending WAY to much time on the computer lately, but on September 1 you will have lots of new things to look at on my website.

To wit:

1.  A gallery of artwork called Shagbark based on my beloved hickories with one NEW artwork (handstitching! texture!) that occupied most of my winter:

SHAGBARK7webDtl1Shagbark 7 – Detail

2.  Six NEW Boundary Waters (#61 – 66) that have been simply, but completely, stitched to within an inch of their life:

BW65Detail500Boundary Water 65 – Detail

3.  A new gathering of artwork in a gallery called Diary of a Tree Hugger.  It’s artwork that’s been here and there, but will now be on its own page with a photo that’s sure to make you smile.

If you receive my free e-newsletter, you will be receiving links bright and early directly to all the NEW artwork on Monday, September 1 with a special bonus exclusively for readers. Otherwise I’ll be posting links here and, of course, you can always go directly to my website.


08 2014

“little gems of artworks”

Still stitching away on new Boundary Waters #61 – #66.  I know DETAIL photos are not all that useful, but the three photos below give you a very good idea of where I am going with these little gems of artworks.  Stitching simply, but completely and thinking of the beauty of water, rock, tree, and sky. Agnes Martin had it right when she said, “Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.”







08 2014