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Canvas + Paint – Experiments in New Backings


I’m experimenting with two weights of canvas (#12 Natural Cotton Duck and 60 Single Fill 10 oz. Duck, both from Online Fabric Store) as backing on which to build art quilts.  In the past I have used wool/rayon felt.  The reason for trying something new is that layers of paint and fabric often become quite heavy.  Ergo the search for a lighter, but sturdy, backing.

Below was my first trial.  I finished the entire quilt and then decided to paint the back.  In order to avoid bleed-through, I screen printed with three colors of textile paint.  The canvas sucked up the paint and the art quilt is quite heavy.


The opening photo is the next experiment in progress,  I heavily diluted Setacolor and Dye-Na-Flow paints.  The fancy bamboo brush held too much paint, so I switched to a 2-inch house painting brush.  Eventually I moved all three backs to plastic on the floor to more easily work on all three at once and reach the centers.


Here are the other two backs (one with more yellow beneath the blue top one) ironed and ready to go.



02 2017