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Learn a new skill and make a donation to the ACS

Talk about win-win.  For a $5 donation to the American Cancer Society, you can learn all about machine wrapped cording through a multi-media workbook.

According to its creator, Linda Matthews of Creative Textile and Quilting Arts, the  …multimedia ebook includes step-by-step instructions for making wrapped cording on your sewing machine, including video, sample photos, options and applications, tips and tricks, and resources.

The ebook requires the current version of Adobe Reader which is free, and contains its own flash player so you can view the video on your desktop without the hassle of downloading any further software. It also contains a printable copy of the lessons which you can use to compile a workbook for your samples.

All this is yours for a tiny little $5.00 donation. Go get it !

I previewed the Machine Wrapped Cording Workbook and it is not only a how-to, but what-to-do-with-it tutorial.  The workbook is easy to use, with clear instructions, great photos and a very helpful video.

I’m amazed at the beautiful workbook computer-savvy Linda has produced and equally impressed by her donation of all proceeds to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause.  


10 2008

Invitational Reverse Auction artists named for ACS fundraiser

Red Door, Feng Shui II 
Carol Larson

Above is one of the artworks donated by the invited artists for the 2009 Reverse Auction of Fiberart with 100% of the proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause.  The stellar line-up of 2009 artists includes:

Natalya Aikens
Gerrie Congdon 
Marjorie DeQuincy
Rayna Gillman
Carol Larson
Linda Teddlie Minton
Susie Monday 
Judy Coates Perez
Leandra Spangler
Roxane Stoner

The Reverse Auction will be a three-day event held in March 2009. The minimum donation will decrease each day; wait too long and your favorite artwork will be gone.  Previews of the artwork will be appearing from now until the Reverse Auction in March.

This is the fifth annual Invitational Reverse Auction of (Fabulous) Fiberart. The Reverse Auctions have raised over $21,000 for the American Cancer Society with the 2008 Reverse Auction raising over $8700.


10 2008