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New Artwork – Between 5


Continuing on the theme of transitions, this is Between 5.

Nonwoven fabric, acrylic paint, rayon thread on stretched canvas.


11 2014

Giving Sue Reno’s Video a Whirl for the Pi Project


If you are looking for a way to add your own personality and interests to a quilt, then Sue Reno’s Surface Design Essentials for the Printed Quilt video will set you on the right path. Bottom line: If you want to try four easy printing techniques on your next quilt, here’s where you can buy the DVD or download it directly to your computer. I don’t believe you will find a better teacher to start you on your printing journey.

First of all, Sue is obviously an expert in all of the printing areas she demos: Cyanotype, Heliographic prints, Collography, and Thermofax. Not only that, she also shows you her own artwork incorporating the printing techniques and talks about what makes an effective design. Sue was also very clear in her words and samples about how much thoughtful stitching adds to the successful conclusion of an artwork.

It’s easy for someone showing four techniques to show TOO much detail and lose a beginner who just wants to try a variety of techniques. This is not the case for this Quilting Arts Workshop video. Sue keeps it simple, so all the processes can be understood and easily tried. Sue’s “You can do it” attitude is one of the delights of this DVD. Don’t have fresh foliage to lightly press for heliograph printing? No worries, she uses some foliage from a florist and you can do the same.

Sue encourages experimenting and so even though I didn’t have the same paint or set-up she did, I thought I would give heliographic or sun printing a spin. Have you heard about the Pi Project?

I adore quixotic projects like this:  Next March 14, the date will be 3/14/15, which matches the first five digits of Pi: 3.1415. Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, is arguably the most significant number in history. Many celebrate Pi Day each year, but this next Pi Day is special. This alignment of digits will not occur again for a century.We are celebrating the number Pi by creating a fabric ribbon of its digits, stretching as long as we can make it, whether that be 20 feet or 2000 feet. The digits will be sewn on in the actual order they appear in Pi.Help us by creating as many numbers as you can for this fiber happening.

Sue recommends Profab Transparent paint for Helioprinting, but I had Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Paint. I didn’t have a plastic covered piece of insulation board, so I used a small bulletin board covered with a piece of butcher paper, shiny side up.


I used a large stencil to trace my number on a piece of Bristol board. Something heavier would have been better, but, hey, good to try it. Now I know. With the number pinned down, the bulletin board was carried outside.

Unfortunately, 2 p.m. sun in Illinois in October isn’t the strongest, but it WAS sun. And as you can see below, the Bristol board made a pretty good resist:


I’m happy with the result. Sue says not to worry about pin holes, so I didn’t. I used a market to make little red dots all over my number which disguised which dots were pin holes:


So, there it is, my unique heliograph 9.5″ square with one numeral on it – sent on its way to the Pi Project.

Please stop by Cynthia St. Charles blog tomorrow for her take on Sue Reno’s extremely useful and helpful video: Surface Design Essentials for the Printed Quilt.


11 2014

Sue Reno’s “Surface Design Essentials” Blog Tour – Starts Today


Sue Reno’s new Quilting Arts Workshop Video, Surface Design Essentials for the Printed Quilt video is now available on a DVD or as a download.  To celebrate, Sue asked some of her fav artists and bloggers (I’m honored to be included) to review the video as part of a blog tour.  I’m up on Monday, November 10th and I’ll be sharing a fun heliograph project.

Please join us starting today:

11/5/14: Sue Reno

11/6/14: Susan Brubaker Knapp

11/7/14: Allie Allers

11/8/14: Diane Doran

11/9/14: Vivien Zepf

11/10/14: Virginia Spiegel (You’re already here :))

11/11/14: Cynthia St. Charles

11/12/14: Natalya Aikens

11/13/14: Lyric Kinard


11 2014

Four New Artworks – Meditations on Autumn

Between1400Between 1

OK, I’ve said it before.  But it’s true.  I love Fall.  I think it’s the fact that I can feel Winter breathing down my neck and yet Nature is giving it all to make the landscape beautiful in ways big and small. Nature can teach us a lot about life and I believe Fall is all about accepting transitions as times to be savored.

All four Betweens are on 12″ square by .75″ stretched canvas with handpainted nonwoven fabric, some parts stitched, some not, all adhered to a painted fabric background. There’s a detail photo at the end of this post. They are each $150 with shipping up to $25 US included.

Between2400Between 2

Between3400Between 3

Between4400Between 4

Between1Dtl300Detail – Between 1


11 2014