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Celebrating Silver: An Exhibit, A Catolog, An Anniversary


Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) is celebrating their  25th anniversary and invited member artists to submit a portfolio of work to be considered for a “Celebrating Silver” exhibit. The juror for the exhibit was SAQA’s founder, the amazing Yvonne Porcella.  Artists chosen by Yvonne created new work for the exhibit after reflecting upon this statement:

Silver is indispensable. From industrial use to decoration, technology, photography and medicine, its unique properties of strength, malleability, reflectivity and conductivity make it an irreplaceable force in the global market. In addition to its physical properties silver is recognized as a symbol of love, insurance, and commitment for twenty-five years.

Brown450Reflections Reflecting – Peggy Brown.
I love the ethereal nature of this artwork and, as with all great artwork, wish I could see it in person to see all the details.

If you will be at the Olympics of the Quilt World, a.k.a. International Quilt Festival, October 30-November 2 you can catch the premier of this exhibit.  An exciting addition to the exhibit is a notebook that Curator Nancy Bavor describes as “documentation that included their sources of inspiration, photos, sketches, fabric samples and description of techniques.”  I love that sort of thing and wish perhaps a bit of it could have been included in the catalog.

McCabeJ450Jubilation – Kathleen McCabe
There is such dynamic power in such a limited palette in this artwork

However, if you like me, won’t be at Houston indulge in the catalog.  It’s hardback (silver, of course), 73 pages, and with all the great photography we have come to expect from SAQA publications. Each artist has a two-page spread with a large detail on one page with a short artist’s statement as well as a list of materials and techniques.  The artwork with title and dimensions is on the facing page.  I can now stop complaining about a lack of details!  Although never as good as seeing the work in person, those detail photos made the book for me.

Busch450Dance With Me – Elizabeth A. Busch
It’s always a good artwork when you need to ask, “How did she do that?”

Celebrating Silver is a traveling exhibit.  The schedule to date is here.



10 2014

Inspired by Autumn – New paintings and more

Changing300 Changing
Acrylic paint on canvas
SOLD – Collection of Carol Moore

I adore this time of year when all the plants and trees are winding down in a final burst of glory.  The skies are blue, the fields are golden, the air is cool – what’s not to love?  I hope you feel some of the dynamism of this time of year in these three new paintings and two assemblages.

Acrylic paint on canvas

Acrylic paint on canvas

BlueBird300BlueBird 1
Paper, acrylic paint, wood found object on stretched canvas

BlueBird2300 BlueBird 2
Paper, acrylic paint, wood found object on stretched canvas


10 2014

Collaboration x 2 and a Donation

Collaboration300Collaboration 1
Virginia A. Spiegel

Karen Stiehl Osborn, Von Biggs, and I had such fun at the KHN that we decided to commemorate it with collaborative artworks. I provided the base layer, Von added his circles, and Karen added the top layer. Karen then cut the piece into 25 2″ squares for each of us.

Above is my artwork. It’s 10″ square and mounted on Bristol board. Each square is attached wih only a dab of archival glue in its center as I wanted some texture in the piece.


We also collaborated (same procedure) on the above artwork shown with Pat and Elizabeth of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center of the Arts. Karen wrapped the artwork around a 12″ x 24″ x 3/4″ stretched canvas.  Our donation to the KHN was a small thank-you for their opening their facility to us for a week.


10 2014

Blog Tour – Mark Your Calendar!


Sue Reno’s DVD on surface design is now out and what better way to celebrate than take a little tour around some of our fav artists’ blogs. You know it will be a fun event with this great lineup of artists.

It all starts in November; mark your caldendar so you don’t miss a day!

11/5/14: Sue Reno

11/6/14: Susan Brubaker Knapp

11/7/14: Allie Aller

11/8/14: Diane Doran

11/9/14: Vivien Zepf

*****11/10/14: Virginia Spiegel****

11/11/14: Cynthia St. Charles

11/12/14: Natalya Aikens

11/13/14: Lyric Kinard


10 2014

Inspired by London – 2014

Thamesviewweb If you’ve been following along the last couple of years, you probably guessed that my absence here for a bit meant I was in my fav town: London.  We’ve done most of the “tourist” things, so really we just wandered about looking at things this year.


Two of my fav things – train travel (for a tour of the  Royal Opera House’s Production Studio for their sets and scenery about 20 miles from London) and cheese/pickle sammies. Pickle is really chutney, I think, and this is what I had for lunch EVERY day when we did the Coast-to-Coast across England. Deja vu!


This, however, is our usual way of going about London: The tube system.  We used about 25 stations and passed through another 25 or so.  I love this photo – all gleaming efficiency.  You realize how far down you are under London once you take a couple of these up and up after arriving on a platform.  The topper was a station that said take the elevator or walk up stairs equivalent to a 13 story building.

Below are a few more photos of textures and interesting things that caught my eye:






And, finally, for my fellow foodies:


Do not go here on the weekend – ack! crowds, but always lots to see and eat.


Actually a brewery in Greenwich.  And you can walk up the hill and see the Astronomy Photos of the Year.


Nirvana!  The London Review of BOOKS shop and cafe. That’s their special tea menu on the little clipboard.  I’m sorry I didn’t have a camera the day I had white peony and rose bud tea served in tiny glass teapots on a teak box.




10 2014