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Water over Rock and Junk Mail


Still waiting on the new studio windows and still working on the new Boundary Waters artwork about sun on water, water over rock.  This was taken with the piece laying flat on my sewing table.  You can see that I want texture from raised and loose edges.



Also still going on the coffee cup image for my six-inch square collages for the Junk Mail Art Collective on Facebook.  This is “Many.”


09 2014

Trunk Show Tomorrow!


I have almost thirty artworks ready to go for this trunk show/talk tomorrow, September 17, at the Byron (IL) Public Library.  If you would like to attend and don’t care to call the library, let me know and I will let the library know you will be attending.

The emphasis will definitely be on SHOW and not too much tell.  I have artwork from my first traditional quilt straight through artwork I have just finished.

It’s been fun to look at artwork I haven’t seen for awhile.  I’ve realized that, although my topics have varied, my artwork is characterized by hand-painted fabrics in bold colors, horizontal orientation with vertical stitching, and, frequently, a mad love of tiny, tiny, pieces.



09 2014

Buy Art for a Good Cause TODAY!


The Studio Art Quilt Associates Benefit Auction begins today with Section 1 bidding opening at 2 p.m. EDT.

It’s a reverse auction with the price dropping each day through Saturday.  The Benefit Auction continues with three more grouping of artworks in September and October.  All the details on how the auction works are here.

Proceeds from the Benefit Auction support SAQA’s exhibitions, publications, and education outreach.


09 2014

In the Studio: New Artwork and Camping Out

I have five artwork in progress right now in my studio which is just the way I like it. Four of the artwork, including the detail of the one above, are definitely in the Boundary Waters family, but their working name is “Rock and Water.”


The fifth artwork is something I’m thinking about as I go.  I’ve been walking a lot out at the prairie reserve and I am inspired by the sky and the dried grasses. This is just a detail of a pretty big painted piece that I cut up and stitched back together.It’s hard to tell, but it is completely stitched already in yellow variegated thread, but I’m thinking that this is just the base layer for this artwork. Thinking, thinking.


All of the above artworks stem from an experiment I tried when I painted in Nebraska. I painted several LARGE pieces of white cloth that I had pieced from chunks of different kinds of cotton and muslin.  I love how the seams on top of the artwork (such as the one on the left above) add texture.


And, in other news, I am more or less just camping out with my sewing machine in my studio.  Since the window behind my sewing table is shot, I’m going for a new double one. Unfortunately the first one ordered didn’t fit and, of course, I had cleaned everything out to avoid the dust and debris.  Camping out is working though to really focus my efforts on stitching, so it’s pretty much a win-win.



09 2014

Diary of a Tree Hugger


Yes, I’m a bona fide tree hugger.  When I rearranged my website, I placed all my art about the environment on one page.  Although I do worry about things (save the bees!), I also celebrate the beauty of an amazing world.

2013GoldenWorld300Golden World



09 2014