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A Week of Painting – FUN!

VBigPaintingPhoto by Karen Stiehl Osborn

The best part of any retreat is to do something NEW and FUN!  It was a very productive week at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City with Karen Stiehl Osborn and Von Biggs.  As you can see above, working bigger was definitely high on my “why not try it just for fun” list.

midwestdetail This is a detail of a big artwork I painted on a 10.5′ by 4.5′ piece of fabric I stitched together from some big chunks of Kona cotton, muslin, and offcuts from other work.  This is a piece that I’m probably going to take forward, but perhaps as two separate artworks. Definitely landscape on my mind.


I really tried to stay away from screen printing since that’s been my focus for the past two years.  But I just had to break out my fav screen to work on a big piece of Lutradur. Detail photo.

I hope to add new artwork to the Boundary Waters series.  I’m always inspired by my sister’s and my adventures in that great wilderness of water, tree, rock.  I painted a lot of similar sized pieces in very earthy tones and then threw caution to the wind and monoprinted on top to add that much needed element of emotion. Again, a detail photo above as I hope to finish some of the artworks in this grouping with stitching.

IN SUMMARY –  Much experimenting, much hard work, much laughter (the biggest moo-latte ever, really???).  You really can’t ask for more than that.  Thanks to the KHN Center for the Arts for the space to create and to Karen and Von for the sharing of materials and a most convivial atmosphere in which to work.

NOTE:  If you are curious about my paints, techniques, etc. for fabric painting, please visit this blog post for more technical info. And here are a series of three posts about painting 200 yards of fabric during an artist’s residency,


07 2014

See My Artwork in Person – September 17



I’ll be talking about my art and art quilts at the Byron Public Library in Byron, IL on September 17 at 10:30 a.m. It’s for the general public, so I will definitely be answering the question, “What is an art quilt?”

I’ll also be discussing why I make art quilts and showing how my art quilts have developed over time. There will be tons of artwork there because talking is one thing, but seeing is another!

The event is free, but call to register (815-234-5107) so they know how many chairs to set up.  Or you can let me know and I will pass the info on to the library staff.

Joe and I pick towns to live in based, in large part, on what kind of library the town has.  Byron had a nice library when we moved here and then build this fab prairie-style one a few years later.  I’m happy to give back to a place I visit almost every week and always find something interesting to read.




07 2014

Junk Mail: What a Treasure Trove!

ItsAHoliday300It’s a Holiday

In case you missed it, I’m a member of the Junk Mail Art Collective.  I thought it would be fun to look at all my junk mail collages all in one spot.  I’m loving sticking to my self-imposed restrictions of 6″ square and using the central image of a coffee cup.  Image above is the newest collage and working down to the very first.

OhLah300Easy For You To Say


ItsPossibleWebIt’s Possible

VirginiaSpiegel300Indigo and Old Lace


VisFor300V is For . . .

DreamBig300Dream Big

InCaseofEmergency300In Case of Emergency

I post a new collage once a week to the Facebook group organized by Denise Aumick.  Karen Stiehl Osborn inspired the the junk mail collage group as she posts a junk mail collage daily on Facebook page and her blog.


07 2014