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In the Studio: Mysteries and Delights

Stitchingblue350 You know the drill:  Still stitching.  I alternate between despair (it’s taking FOREVER) and joy (what texture and depth).

Stitchingorange 350The thing that keeps me going is not knowing how it will turn out.  Will it be a masterwork or just something on which I spent a lot of time?

studiocat350Of course having a nice (and sometimes sunny) studio helps make all the hours spent there more acceptable.  I have the cats set up on fleece blankets on my sewing table under the halogen lights.  They’re happy!


Everything needs to be picked up every night and this cubby full of stuff has occurred naturally, but it’s a joy to look at each morning and night — full of texture.  If you are wondering why there are so many thimbles, the fit depends on how warm my studio is.  I have an 8, 10, and 12 ready to go with all the threads I’m using in the little tote bag.



02 2014

Field Trip: HOT, HOT Iron Pour



What could be better in February in Minnesota than a 2800 degree hot iron pour? That’s just what happened on February 15 at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Franconia, MN.  All photos in this post are by my sister, Nancy J. Spiegel Rosman.

DremelandsandThe molten iron is poured in molds made from sand/resin blocks.  An action shot of me carving the block with a Dremel when I visited my sister in January.  You have to love a sister (and her dh) that took the trouble to secure a block for me in advance.

mymoldMy finished mold.

molteniron2800Molton iron pouring out of one of the two furnaces fired up for the pour.

fillingmoldPouring the molten iron in my mold.

Grindingmine Grinding my finished piece.  I am waiting until I see the artwork in person to show it in its entirety.

But here is Nancy’s mold with the finished artwork (with some sand still to be cleaned out) below.



02 2014

In the Studio: Seven New Collages

CollageMythmaking350The Making of Myth

Since I have been S-L-O-W-L-Y handstitching on an exhibition artwork for weeks, I have felt the need to FINISH something, anything.  To the collage studio to create seven new collages from the mythical to the everyday.

Winterpot350Winter Green

Winter Green is based on the pot of annual geranium (really pelargonium) shown below that I potted up to grow on this winter.  Normally it wouldn’t be very exciting, but the emerging of the leaves is total greenery love in the middle of winter.


Winter Green was created by putting MistyFuse on the back of my painted and screenprinted fabric.  I cut out all the pieces freehand and built the pot and flowers on a non-stick ironing sheet.  The background is a painted fabric ripped in strips and sewn together.  After fusing the pot/plant to the background, it was free motion stitched.

EvolvingEvolving 2

If I had to talk about HOW Evolving 2 was created, it would take days – seriously.  Let’s just say, layers and layers of many materials and many techniques with the theme being the chaos from which order is created.

That’s what I love about the new Small Collages – a venue for creative expression in many forms without worrying about exhibiting the artwork or creating in a series or really anything.



02 2014

In the Studio: Still . . .


It’s a pretty short report from the studio this week.  It’s STILL winter, except now I have a terrible cold to heighten my enjoyment 🙂

And I’m STILL hand stitching on my Shagbark artwork.  After I took this photo, I hand-basted everything down as so many pins made working on the piece like wrestling a porcupine.  It is STILL a beautiful piece to work on with all of the texture from velvet to almost burlap.  I’ve added some pieces I built up on felt with my fav brown mystery fabric that I melted back after stitching.



02 2014