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Unique Custom-Printed Fabric Collection – It’s a Prize!


The Printed Fabric Bee is a printed fabric exchange among ten professional textile artists.The artists are creating a special collection by each printing and donating a custom-printed fat quarter as a prize for the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer on January 15.

One lucky donor to the American Cancer Society through the Fiber 5K will win this entire unique collection.

The well-known artists and their websites are: Lynn KrawczykJulie B. BoothGerrie CongdonLeslie RileyCarol R. EatonJackie Lams, Lisa ChinSusan Purney MarkLynda Heines, and Pokey Bolton.

Below are a sampling of the fabrics  of the Fiber 5K Collection:

LynnKFabric500Lynn Krawczyk’s is donating this lively custom-printed fabric.

PrintedBeeEaton500Carol Eaton’s beautiful donation to the cause.

Heinesfabric500Wood-block printed and ice-dyed fabric created by Lynda Heines for the collection.

CongdonPFBfabric500Gerrie Congdon’s fabric for the 5K Collection.  Gerrie has also issued
a Challenge for all “runners” in the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer.

PFBBoothwebJulie B. Booth’s “heartfelt” fabric. Check out her blog for fabric inspiration ++.

PFBeeMarkSusan500hCustom-printed fabric donated by Susan Purney Mark

PFBChinLisa400Dynamic fabric donated by Lisa Chin

PFBLamsJackie500Wow!  Gorgeous fabric printed by Jackie Lams



12 2013

Best Wishes from my Studio to you!


For those of you celebrating this week, very happy holidays.
I wish everyone a New Year filled with creativity, peace, and joy.



12 2013

A Challenge and “Training” for the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer

Artist Gerrie Congdon  is issuing a challenge for all the “runners” in the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer.  She has donated a special prize from her amazing stash. Everyone who donates at least $100 to the ACS through Fiberart For A Cause during the event will be entered in a drawing for these unique fabrics which includes an 18″ square batik panel:


Of course the challenge is in addition to all the other fiber-licious prizes to be given away in drawings throughout the event.

The Fiber 5K is a virtual race with each $1 donated equal to one meter of the 5K distance ($5000 raised for the American Cancer Society).   If you wanted to think about “training” for the event, you could set aside just $1 a day between now and January 15 and be able to donate $24.  Throw in another dollar and you are at the $25 donation level for which you will be entered 2x in any upcoming drawings. More details here.

The Surface Design Association has added the Fiber 5K to their online calendar. We decided to list the event as lasting three months, but really?!?  Last year we raised more than $8000 in eight hours.

Can we run the race this year in one day?



12 2013

In the Studio: A Cat, Wax, and a Secret Artwork

First up, gratuitous cute cat photo. What to do with a cat, little feral Sparky, who wants to help make art in the painting studio? Put a plastic bin with an old towel inside it on the painting table – Happy Cat!

bluewaxcollage500In the spirit of having some fun, I started off the week with some wax, screenprinted tissue paper, and twig assemblages.  They are in a holding pattern for now as I see if using gel medium to secure the tissue paper was a good idea or not.

Juried invitationals are such a mixed blessing.  You never know if all your hard work to a specific size is going to pay off and you really can’t share any of the work in advance.  My solution is to make a work of art about something different than my current series and something about which I have very strong feelings.  First step, of course, is a little research.


One of the very easiest way to do large lettering is to iron MistyFuse on the back of a fabric, trace letter stencils on the non-shiny side of freezer paper, iron the freezer paper to the fabric, and cut out the letters.  I love this fabric.  It was painted and then stenciled with a cardboard coffee sleeve.


And, keeping with the mandate of keeping the artwork secret until jurying, here is the last component of the artwork I’m going to share.  It’s Lutradur painted in shades from orange to peach with a little bit of red to raspberry.  I thought pale, pale yellow would also be good, but no. Let’s just say this artwork is a lot more fiddly than I’m usually inclined to work and it will involve a fair amount of hand stitching.

*Please join me as I run the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer on January 15, 2014.  Our goal: $5000 for the American Cancer Society.


12 2013

Forget Cookies – A Dozen Collages!

2013Collage3webThe Wisdom of Trees
It’s the holiday season, but forget about cookies.  I’ve been baking up a dozen collages instead.

Collage021webBe Bold

The artworks are mixed-media which means they include a wide variety of materials.

BlueMoon350hwebBlue Moon Rising

For example, Blue Moon Rising includes painted fabric, painted Lutradur, burned tree wrap, a digital print from my own photo, digitally printed silk organza, graphite, and thread used in sewing.  Each collage is one-of-a-kind and if they include fabric you know that I painted or screenprinted it.

I love collage because it gives me the opportunity to explore a variety of themes, both old and new, without thinking about creating a series or exhibiting the artwork.




12 2013