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Painting – Just Going with the Flow



Good news – Hardwood floors and a sparkling coat of white paint are on deck for my studio and two other rooms. Of course, all the emptying, noise of installation, time for painting, and putting everything back seems like it’s taking forever.

In the meantime, I’m in the basement painting.  It’s been a LONG while, so I think going with the flow is best.


First, I layered big pieces of cream, then white canvas, and topped that with two layers of Lutradur.  I thought I would let them bleed down as well as work all four layers at once.  Why not?  These are the two layers of Lutradur in progress with piece 1 painted separately from piece 2 as Lutradur bleeds through very little. Aa I changed colors, I took the Lutradur pieces off the table and laid them on a tarp, then picked them back up when I changed colors.  So back and forth.


Another added detail on the top Lutradur done with a squeeze bottle and very liquid Pebeo Setacolor.


A detail of one of the done-for-today Lutradur pieces with a lot of white space left on purpose.


The top canvas piece (shown to the left) was worked pretty heavily and is, I believe, done. The bottom canvas piece had the red spirals painted on, but the rest is pretty much bleed through.

Painting is always a good antidote to a dark and rainy day as well as the noise of some serious spiffy-ness coming my way.



10 2013

Art to help our 4-legged friends

Sunshine400 Sunshine

Pokey Bolton’s Festival Pet Project hopes to raise at least $10,000  for Friends for Life, a no-kill animal adoption and rescue organization.  If you are attending the International Quilt Festival – Houston, please look for my two postcards and the many other choices.  All postcards (4×6″) will be $20 with 100% going to this good cause.

If you are a fiber artist, you, like me (last minute person), can still make and ship out those postcards NOW to meet the receive-by deadline of Tuesday, October 23.  All the details are here.

SunshineEveryDay400Sunshine Every Day!

Both these artworks are portraits are of my feral rescue cat, Sunshine.  We kept her name when we adopted her and it has proven to be entirely appropriate.  You can’t make it through a day without smiling at her crazy-cat antics.




10 2013

Art, Inspiration, and Food – London



London. Two weeks. I probably need say no more 🙂 for you to know it was both inspirational and ton-o-fun.

I looked at a LOT of art, visited beautiful gardens, walked and walked (including 84 steps to our room), and ate an amazing amount of very good food plus my fair share of perry – a.k.a. pear cider.

London has embraced the farm-to-table, urban farming, and artisan food concepts.  They are working hard to educate Londoners about the value of rural England, including bringing


fiber on the hoof to the city.

We spent a lot of time noshing our way through Borough Market (opening photo) and the Real Food Festival,


and enjoyed the heirloom apple tasting at the Royal Horticultural Society’s autumn show.

Twenty-one tube stations, one boat ride, one train ride, and several bus trips took us to visit old favorites and new discoveries.  The two artists who spoke most directly to me are highlighted below.


First up at the Tate Modern was an exhibit of the work of Mira Schendl.  Do take the time to click the link to see an example of her work.  You will see why I bought the exhibit catalog as she worked a fruitful vein of inspiration frequently utilizing rice paper and many kinds of lettering.


Second, I very much enjoyed the work of Marisa Merz, who works in many media including fiber and wax, at the Serpentine Gallery.  Since we were in the neighborhood, we walked over and stood in line for the opening exhibit of the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery (shown in detail above) designed by Saha Hadid.  The building has taken a bit of a beating in the press, but the interior of the portion shown is like standing inside funnels of light – amazing.


A little more on the fiber side of things were a series of willow sculptures based on fungi by Tom Hare at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


Also at Kew Gardens was this whimsical Tea Party installation by Kirsti Davies


with bone china highlighting all the edible plants of a British tea party.


Since I’m an “oh, shiny things” kind of person, we stopped by this little shed at Greenwich (where we had gone to see the Astronomy Photographs of the Year) when I saw something gold and a person working away.   The very kind Nigel Woodford, Specialist Conservator, was working on restoring 18th century Old Royal Navel College lanterns (huge!) and


even gold leafed my thumbnail in 14 carat gold as a demo.


For my geeky birthday, I chose to visit Blectchley Park, the headquarters of codebreaking during WWII.  The reconstructed “bombe” was amazing, but most inspirational was finding that the thousands of young women (75% of the people at Bletchley were women) who worked rotating shifts for up to six years are finally receiving some recognition.  No one broke the silence about Bletchley until 1974!





10 2013