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RITUALS opens tonight in California

Boundary Waters 60 (RockTime)
Virginia A. Spiegel

The RITUALS exhibit opens this Thursday, July 26 at 5:00 p.m. and continues through Sunday, July 29 at the International Quilt Festival – Long Beach at the Long Beach Convention Center.   Curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison, the exhibit is sponsored by Moore’s Sewing Machine Center  and Havel’s Sewing.  If you miss it in California, RITUALS travels to International Quilt Festival – Houston as well as IQF – Cincinnati.

The RITUALS exhibit is located on Main Street in the exhibit area, in between Tactile Architecture and the SAQA booth.  Both Leslie and Jamie will be in the exhibit on Preview Night, Thursday, at 5:00 p.m. with catalogs available for purchase.

Can’t make the exhibit?  No worries.  The catalog is now available here.

I posted previously about the making of my artwork for this exhibit.


07 2012

Now Available: A Beautiful Catalog for RITUALS


Isn’t this a gorgeous cover?  The RITUALS catalog is now available and it promises to delight with 100 pages of artwork from 42 juried invited artists. Each artist is given a two-page spread with a short interview, a full and a details shot, and a brief blurb about the ritual that inspired the artwork.

RITUALS premiers at International Quilt Festival – Long Beach on July 26 – 29, 2012 and continues on to the International Quilt Festival – Houston in the Fall.

I am still in love with my artwork, Boundary Waters 60 (RockTime) for this exhibit.  Here is a blog post about the artwork with a full view and here are some big detail shots by Deidre Adams.

What I like about this artwork is the spontaneity involved in making it.  I let the inkjet transfers from my photos be as ephemeral as they wanted.  I drew, made marks with colored pencil and ink, and stitched on the artwork without a plan, knowing that one false step could ruin the entire artwork.  It’s an artwork straight from the heart.




07 2012

Opening Reception Tonight for Inform/Re-Form


You’re invited to a free opening reception tonight, Thursday, July 12, from 7 – 9PM for Inform/Re-form, an invitational fiber art exhibit at the Mansion at Strathmore.

Other featured artists include:  Laurie Brown, Jacqui Crocetta, Cathy Kleeman, and Veronica Szalus.

“When people come to the show it’s not going to be obvious, expected ‘found-object’ creations,” explains Harriet Lesser, Strathmore’s Fine Art curator. “It’s very contemporary; we’re taking a look at what’s going on at the edge of this genre of art. It’s not easy being green—even at Strathmore. And it isn’t enough to be sustainable and made from repurposed materials, either. Every piece on display in the Inform/Re-form exhibition has to have artistic integrity as well as a pedigree that can be traced back to an unexpected origin.”

Other activities held in conjunction with Inform/Re-Form include a  Children’s Talk and Tour, Saturday, July 14 and an Art Talk for Adults on Saturday, July 14.

I have eight artwork in the exhibit including artwork from the Boundary Waters series, the Correspondence Series, Once, and October:  Field and Forests.

If you attend the opening or visit the exhibit, I would love to see any photos you care to share. Thanks!



07 2012

Wilderness Canoe Camping – Fun, Inspiration, Art

All photos of me by Nancy J. Spiegel Rosman.
This will be the cover photo of the book I will create for us about our journey.

Trip #18 to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness was a blast!  My sister and I said, “Best trip ever!”  Of course, we say that every time. We had ten days of fun and adventure with lots of sisterly laughter while canoeing, portaging, and camping.  It’s back to the basics in its most beautiful form.


A new fav site.  This is the west side, but the “front” is equally rocky and open.

We went in with rain, but then hit hot and windy.  Windy made paddling interesting, but kept the bugs to an amazing low number (except on the portages which were wet, slippery, and, of course, buggy).  We camped for six of the nine nights on a six-mile lake and had it to ourselves except for one night.  We reveled in the peace and privacy. We canoed every day, no matter how big the water was, and racked up 45 miles of paddling.

Thinking about StickHenge 1

I made three found art pieces, but only have photos of two.  Through a weird set of circumstances we ended up with only one camera, my little pocket  NIkon Coolpix.  The battery died on Day 7. End of photos.

Stickhenge 2

I visited Stonehenge this year, so I have been thinking about gates and shadows.  I liked how everything changed in the artwork as the sun passed each day.


Mayflies on a water bottle – fleeting beauty.

One of the most amazing aspects of this trip was the graphic and beautiful demonstration of the circle of life.  Mayflies hatched and climbed at dusk in whirling circles, rising and falling like confetti in a whirlwind.  Why would such a fragile and lovely life last but a day?  Because the next day the ducks, loons, and fish dined on an enormous amount of protein just when needed during their reproductive cycles.

And then?  Out of the sky drops an osprey – boom!  It hits the water and takes the fish feeding on the mayflies on the surface of the water slowly into the air.  The ospreys had a nest nearby and what an honor it was to watch them work and work to bring fish to their young.  And they weren’t alone.  An eagle was hunting also.  When the eagle strayed too close to the osprey territory, we witnessed a deadly aerobatic fight until the eagle slid away on the wind.  No mayflies for a day, no fish, no osprey young.


Java on the rocks – A ritual of silence and seeing.

P.S.  Our record of seeing at least one moose on every trip stands!  Stand by later this month for news of a special Fall trip to the Quetico.



07 2012

Sightlines Exhibit: Rave Reviews from Visitors

Sightlines, an invitational exhibit I curated for Studio Art Quilt Associates, is touring for the next several years.  I have heard that Sightlines is currently receiving rave reviews from visitors at the Morris Museum, Morristown, New Jersey.  It will continue at the Morris Museum until August 12, 2012.

Rita Hannafin shares photos of the Opening Reception here and an excellent local newspaper article, with many excellent photos, is here.

The hardcover catalog is available from SAQA for only $20. Each artist has a four-page spread with an image of her complete installation, detail image, artist statement, and artist bio. The artists include: Britta Ankenbauer, Regina Benson, Shelley Brenner Baird, Yael David-Cohen, Linda Colsh, Sue Dennis, Anne Helmericks-Louder, Fulvia Luciano, Wendy Lugg, Kathy Nida, Pat Owoc, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Jayne Willoughby Scott and Leni Levenson Wiener.



07 2012