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See eight of my artworks at “Inform/Reform”

Boundary Waters 53

Inform/Reform opens June 30. 2012 at The Mansion at Strathmore in North Bethesda, MD.  The opening reception is Thursday, July 12, 7-9 and the exhibit continues until August 18. There will be a Children’s Talk and Tour on Saturday, July 14 at 10:15AM and an Art Talk for adults on Saturday, July 14 at 1:00PM.

Harriet Lesser, Strathmore’s Fine Art curator, chose eight of my artworks to be featured in Inform/Reform.  According to Harriet,  “It’s not easy being green—even at Strathmore. And it isn’t enough to be sustainable and made from repurposed materials, either. Every piece on display in the Inform/Reform exhibition has to have artistic integrity as well as a pedigree that can be traced back to an unexpected origin.

When people come to the show it’s not going to be obvious, expected ‘found-object’ creations. It’s very contemporary; we’re taking a look at what’s going on at the edge of this genre of art.”

In addition to four artworks from the Boundary Waters series (48, 51, 52, 53), two artworks from the Correspondence series (#9 and Joyful Lives) will also be shown.  Although there is more than five years between the two series, I was amazed when packaging the artwork how the earlier series obviously informed the later.  Once, an artwork created from Tyvek lab coats worn only one time and discarded, and October: Field and Forest will round out my part of the exhibit.

All of my artwork (as does almost all fiber artwork) benefits greatly from being seen in person.  It’s hard to convey online the depth of color and texture in each artwork, particularly with Once and October: Field and Forest.

All artwork will be for sale through Strathmore. If you are able to attend the exhibit and/or the opening, I would love to hear from you and will share any photos (with permission) I receive.


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