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New Photographer and Gorgeous Photos Added to Foto/Fiber 2012

After the Rain
Karen Stiehl Osborn

Karen Stiehl Osborn has generously donated six photos (including the one above) to Foto/Fiber 2012.  They will be available in a very limited edition of three each on February 15 and 16 as part of our new fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Karen has been a strong supporter of Fiberart For A Cause since its inception in 2005 in memory of her Dad, lost too early to cancer.  Karen and I used to paint together once a month when I lived in Nebraska and we also spent some hilarious weekends conducting very weird fiber art experiments (burning! discharging!) at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.

Karen and I are now part of a private group, 5 Photos, whose members have committed to taking at least five photos a day and posting the best five each week.  We have been doing this for over a year, so photography seemed a natural addition to our fiber fundraiser.

Karen shares her photography daily on her A Photographic Life blog.  She also volunteers as a photographer with   the Hand, Hearts, and Paws all-animal rescue in Omaha, NE.  Her photos make such a difference in showing the lovability of these neglected and often abused animals.  I am not a dog person, but even I want to adopt one after seeing her photos.

 After seeing hundreds photos of Karen’s over the past year, I can tell you that she has chosen the best of the best for Foto/Fiber 2012.  We are focusing on the beautiful, the inspiring, and the positive for this fundraiser and Karen’s photos will continue to inspire you long after they arrive in your mailbox.

More of Karen’s photos for Foto/Fiber 2012 will be featured on this blog and on the Foto/Fiber 2012 webpages prior to February 15 and 16 with a review of all 90 photos posted on or before February 14.

P.S.  We haven’t forgotten the FIBER!  Coming in the new year will be previews of the BONUSES (including three from Karen) from our amazing team of 36 artists as well as the fiber art to be given away in drawings for the ninety (yes, that’s it, just 90) Foto/Fiber 2012 patrons.


12 2011

A unique opportunity to own a Jane Dunnewold art cloth sampler

Art Cloth Sampler by Jane Dunnewold

 Jane Dunnewold of Art Cloth Studio is donating these mounted art cloth samples to Foto/Fiber 2012.  You know I want to keep some mystery for the BONUSES, so I’m not showing the beautiful portfolio that holds the samples.

Jane is known throughout the world for her unique use of layered printing techniques on fabric to create one of a kind lengths of “art cloth.”   She is the author of several books about surface design including the seminal (and much cherished in my library) Complex Cloth, as well as Art Cloth, and the new (with Lisa Kerpoe) Vibrant Color. Read more about her books, peruse galleries of artwork and yardage, download free tutorials, and more on Jane’s website.

The art cloth sampler and portfolio will be available as part of Foto/Fiber 2012, a Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, on February 15 and 16.  All photos/BONUSES are available on a first-come/first-serve basis with a minimum donation of $100 on February 15 and $50 on February 16.  There will also be special drawings for fiber artwork throughout Foto/Fiber 2012.


12 2011

Beautiful Bird BONUS for Foto/Fiber 2012 from Vivika DeNegre

Partial View of Foto/Fiber BONUS by Vivika DeNegre

It’s hard to keep the BONUSES a surprise as I would love to show you all the gorgeous photos of said BONUSES that are coming in from the generous donor artists.  If you haven’t already marked your calendar for February 15 and 16, 2012 for Foto/Fiber 2012 (a Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society), do it today!

This is a small part of one of three surprise BONUSES that Vivika is donating to Foto/Fiber 2012. I can tell you that the central image on each of the small fiber artworks is one of Vivika’s famous collaged fabric birds along with words from a 1948 Girl Scout Handbook.

You will be able choose Vivika as your BONUS artist on February 15 along with a mounted and matted photo by me, Karen Stiehl Osborn, or Cynthis Wenslow when you make a minimum $100 donation to the ACS through FFAC.  If you wait until February 16 and make a minimum $50 donation, you will still choose your photo, but I’ll be assigning BONUSES randomly.

Need more details about how Foto/Fiber 2012 works?  Zip on over here.

You know if it is Fiberart For A Cause, it’s going to be fun, fiber, and fundraising on February 15 and 16.  Not only do we have photos and BONUSES, there will be drawings throughout Foto/Fiber 2012 for fiber artwork. Our goal is to raise $7000 to add to the more than $215,000 we have already donated to the American Cancer Society.




12 2011

“Always Women” – A Curated Mini-Gallery

Each month Studio Art Quilt Associates features a curated mini-gallery selected by a SAQA member from the juried Professional Artist Members. I chose Always Women as my theme for the December gallery:

The more I read, the more I realize there are universal experiences women share through the ages.  It seems as though we do more than our fair share of waiting, but we’re also always busy making a living, making friends, making a family, making peace with ourselves and our bodies, fighting our vices, embracing our pleasures, as well as experiencing great joys and great sadness. These artworks represent a small slice of our lives as women.

Included artists are Kate Themel, Joan Sowada, Sherry Kleinman, Lora Rocke, Trish Williams, Pat Kumicich, Judith Busby, Judy Zoelzer Levine, Pamela Price Klebaum, Mary Pal, Susan Schrott, Alice Beasley, Leni Levenson Wiener, Annie Helmericks-Louder, Lura Schwarz Smith, Jayne Willoughby Scott, and Susan Else.


12 2011