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Masters Art Quilts, Vol. 2 – A sequel that delivers!

Venetian Fire
Fenella Davies
All photos provided by Lark Craft

I just went back and read what I had to say in my review of Masters Art Quilts, Vol. 1 and perhaps I could just say,”Ditto, buy it, buy it now.”  I won’t feel badly if you just go here and buy this second volume featuring forty artists who both pioneered and are pioneering exactly what the potential of an art quilt can be.

Martha Sielman, Executive Director of Studio Art Quilt Associates, has once again done a superb job of distilling in ten pages the who, what, and why of each of the forty artists. Sielman notes in her introduction that she tries to keep her curatorial comments concise, but artists often spoke to her of incidents in their lives that resonate in their work.

I say bring on more of those stories, Martha!  I have Leslie Gabrielse’s book, but I either whipped by it or didn’t focus on his itinerant childhood that may be reflected in the often wistful expressions of the people in his artwork.

The forty artists are from around the world with just over half from the U.S.  I was most intrigued, in general, by the work from artists not in the U.S.  But, hey, blame that on seeing works from artists such as Tim Harding, Jane Dunnewold, Elizabeth Busch, etc. covered extensively and over a number of years in the U.S.

Landscape in Gray
Shulamit Liss

Often books about art quilts veer from featuring dark artworks such as those from Shulamit Liss featuring, “A brooding palette that includes ocher, black, gray, and brown. . . .”  Well, kudos to Martha for writing that lovely sentence and knowing that although the artwork may be somewhat difficult to see in a printed format, it is work that deserves to be seen and appreciated on its own terms.  I would have loved to have seen bigger and more detail shots of almost all the artwork and darker artwork always benefits the most from this important feature.

Le Mantra III: Missing Messages
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs

As in Vol. 1, these are pure quibbles compared to the delight and edification to be found in this volume. I was intrigued by artwork by almost all the artists, but three of my favs’ artwork (Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Pamela Fitzsimons and Finella Davies) are featured throughout this review. These artists have a very personal vision which they are rendering in cloth in new and unusual ways.

Pamela Fitzsimons

You will have your own favorites as there is such an abundance and variety of artwork.  People often misunderstand the motivation of a good juror or curator.  It is not to choose artwork that is personally appealing, but to choose artwork by an artist that clearly shows a mature and developed point of view and expresses that point of view in a way that will make the viewer pause and perhaps re-consider what they know about the world or the medium.  Martha has succeeded for an amazing second time and I look forward to Vol. 3 of this series.



09 2011

Sold! SAQA Benefit Auction Continues through October 1

My “Mysteries of Horseshoe Rock” sold yesterday to a private collector for $350. Yahoo! It’s a win-win-win as the money support Studio Art Quilt Associates’ exhibitions, catalogs, and outreach programs.

The auction of donated artwork from SAQA members on pages 2a and 2b continues, with the price dropping each day, through this Saturday.  Pages 3a and 3b come up for auction beginning Monday, September 26.

Approximately one-third of the more than 300 artworks have sold raising $23,900.  Take a look, add a beautiful small piece of art to your own collection, and know that you have helped a non-profit arts organization continue its mission.



09 2011

SAQA Auction – My Artwork For Sale Tomorrow!

Mysteries of Horseshoe Rock 3

I’m a proud professional artist member of Studio Art Quilt Associates and hope you will support SAQA’s exhibition programs by bidding on one (or more) of the wonderful pieces up for bid.  The SAQA Benefit Auction is divided into three sections, one per week.

My artwork shown above will be available along with many other great small fiber artwork in the second section (Pages 2a and 2b) opening tomorrow (Monday, September 19th) at 2 p.m. EDT.

My artwork is based on a very old rock that sits over Horseshoe Lake.  My sister and I celebrate whenever the campsite including this rock is open. The rock is being cloven over time by rain and ice.  I expect some day that the rock will topple in to the lake, but perhaps not for another thousand years or so.  Here is an early morning view from the rock with a VERY small part of the crevasse visible.  It’s hard to convey in a photo how big the rock is, its grandeur, and its power or the mysteriousness of the fractured parts of the rock reaching down to the lake itself and bringing up the sounds of waves and sometimes silence.  We can and do spend hours just perched on the rock looking down at the lake twenty feet below.

The third section (Pages 3a and 3b) of the SAQA Auction will start on September 26th.

SAQA members have curated Dream Collections of nine artworks from among those donated.  You can see my group, themed Low Key, and more here.

Last year’s Benefit Auction raised $52,450.  With your help SAQA is hoping to raise even more money this year!



09 2011