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SAQA Benefit Auction and My Dream Collection

Mysteries of Horseshoe Rock 3
Preview my donated artwork (above) and all the other donated artwork here.

This reverse auction will feature over 300 small works of art (most are 12″ x 12″) created and donated by Studio Art Quilt Associate (SAQA) members to raise funds to support SAQA exhibition, education, and outreach programs.

The Benefit Auction begins Monday, September 12, 2011 at 2:00 pm. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific.  Because of the many generous donations the Benefit Auction will run in three groups:

Group 1 – Opening September 12
Group 2 – Opening September 19
Group 3 – Opening September 26

As a SAQA member, I was able to curate my “dream collection” of nine artworks.  I chose the theme “Low Key” for artwork that favored the subtle, the monochromatic, and the quietly meaningful.  The artwork for my curated theme was created by Clairan Ferrono, BJ Parady, Wen Redmond, Marlis Egger, Susan Lenz, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Genevieve Attinger, and Linda Colsh.  (If only I could actually have them on my wall!)

See my choices and other curated groupings here.


07 2011

Serendipity, the power of taking a break, and progress – Whew!


In the studio and stitching away this week.  That sounds like no big deal.  But as I shared in my July art newsletter, I had six big artworks ready to be stitched in June and they proved unstitchable.  And I mean unstitchable.  I tried everything and the layers, the felt backing, whatever! just made it impossible to sew more than an inch without the thread breaking.  So I let them sit, went to the Boundary Waters, and decided (with reluctance and with considerable pain) to just chuck them and start again.

But when I went to my studio, I had a cone of poly/cotton thread on the holder from fixing a piece of camping equipment.  I took down from the design wall the piece I had been torturing with failed stitching attempts and gave it a whirl.  All good to go now.  So I’m a happy (and amazed!) camper now and have three pieces stitched and the fourth one (above) under the needle.

This is what the back looks like; I’m really just securing things at this point as I think about where to take them once this first stitching is done.

This is what the side table looks like when I’m working.  I can’t say any of these threads are the dominant colors of the six pieces, but I like to have a lot of thread out while I’m working.  Neatness optional.



07 2011

Wilderness Canoeing Spring 2011 – Mysteries and Miracles

Just back yesterday from a ten-day journey in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with my sister.  This was our 17th trip together and it was as beautiful, challenging, and inspirational as ever.

The mysteries of the wildlife in the Boundary Waters continue to amaze us.  We saw this bug-like creature (see right side of photo with one not yet transformed and one empty shell) crawl out of the water and then we watched the amazing emergence of DRAGONFLIES.  It seemed as though all the dragonflies of one type emerged the same day — safety in numbers??

We also saw two baby and mama moose, loons with varied sizes of babies, windup toy behavior of courting loons, a turtle coming to lay eggs on our site, beavers, otter, many eagles, the remains of the mayfly hatch, mergansers with ducklings, giant toads and spiders, and much, much more.  Ice out was six weeks later than usual in the BW this year and so our late trip was very similar (critter-wise) to previous ones.

We did however experience the joys of the SWARM which we usually miss in cooler weather.  Nancy, portaging the canoe, bravely faced her mosquito companions as they filled the boat.

We experienced every kind of weather from suffocating heat to tornado-like winds.  Every time we went out in the canoe it engendered whitecaps, so we resorted to just saying LTB (Launch The Boat) when we wanted to go journeying.  We were very lucky to always find a campsite just at the moment we thought it was REALLY (say 2′ waves) time to be off the water. We had time for our usual creative pursuits of photography and journaling/sketching and gave landscape drawing a try.  This is about as close-up as I want to show my first efforts at landscape, but, as you can see, I was happy with my efforts.

We ate better than I usually do at home with minestrone and broccoli/red pepper/chicken ranch wraps shown here.

I’m happy to say the BIG PACK hasn’t defeated me yet and I am looking forward to Trip 18 and much more inspiration.

Photo by Nancy J. Spiegel Rosman

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07 2011