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WWW, Offline, and Life


This is the second artwork that I am shipping this week to the Northfield Arts Guild for their exhibit WWW.  This exhibit asks artists to consider the impact of the web on their lives. You can read more about the exhibit with notes from participating artists here.

As I noted in this previous post, I was already considering this very topic in terms of my own life and the direction of my work in early 2011.

This artwork sprang directly from my worry that sometimes I was living my real life in the spaces in between the life I had created online with my website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.,etc. accounts. How I could/can I balance my personal and professional lives when, as an artist, they are so inextricably intertwined?

I’m endeavoring in 2011 to make my real life more than just the space between all the online words.

Offline, detail.
Materials:  Mystery fabric from a textile garage sale, thread, ink.
Techniques:  Stitched, lettered.
Photos by Deidre Adams

A very unusual aspect of working on this artwork was how much this mystery fabric felt like human skin.  It was quite disconcerting to letter on it; I won’t be starting a career as a tattoo artist any time soon.

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