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WWW – My kind of exhibition

Harder Than You Think
44″ x 29″
Photos by Deidre Adams

As soon as I read the prospectus, I knew I needed to enter this exhibit. The call for the WWW exhibit at the Northfield Arts Guild stated:

The web has profoundly changed not only how we communicate, but how we process time and experience.  In the WWW exhibit, fiber and textile artists will explore how communications technology has influenced contemporary life.

I have been thinking since January about how to balance being part of a lively online artistic community with the time needed to think about and actually create art. So the two artwork accepted for WWW are all about the process of seeking that balance – an ongoing conversation with myself that finds expression in these artworks.

Harder Than You Think, detail

I started with white cotton cloth and built up, with layers and layers of screen printing, stylized columns of computer screens framing and  forming a community of sorts.  Once I had the screen structure complete, I added ink, Lithocoal, and colored pencil. It is stitched with rayon thread.  It is definitely one of those artworks that needs high res photos or personal viewing to appreciate all the detail.

I will feature the second accepted artwork, Offline, closer to the exhibit opening on July 8.




05 2011

Upcoming book to include Boundary Waters’ art

Boundary Waters 51
Photo by Deidre Adams

Sandra Sider has announced the artists to be included in The Studio Quilt, no. 6:  State of the Art and I’m thrilled that Boundary Waters 51 will be featured in this upcoming book.

Sider is currently serving as president of Studio Art Quilt Associates and is a well-known artist, critic, and curator.  The book will be available on


05 2011

New Artwork – Layers of History and Memory

Formerly Present 4

The Formerly Present series continues with this new addition.  Formerly Present 4 is 23.75″h x 40.25″w.  It began with white cotton cloth that was painted screen printed, relief printed, and then stitched.

I went crazy building up layers of surface design on this artwork as the Formerly Present series is all about layers of history and memory.

The definition I am working with on this series is “Vestige:  Visible signs left by a material thing formerly present.”   Many of the screens for printing were burned from my sketches of an abandoned building, slowly decomposing to its base elements of rock, wood, and metal.

Photos by Deidre Adams.



05 2011