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Benefit Auction – Which “Mystery” should go?

Mysteries of Horseshoe Rock 2

Studio Art Quilt Associates is having their  annual benefit auction of small fiber artworks. I’m donating one of the new Mysteries of Horseshoe Rock artwork and really should ship it out soon.

Which one of the six Mysteries do you think should go forth and hopefully help finance the good work of SAQA?


04 2011

What’s up in the studio and elsewhere?

Mysteries of Horseshoe Rock 2

Since I completed six small Mysteries of Horseshoe Rock, I have been working on additional artwork in this series in a bigger size.  They should finished up to around 36×36″ or a bit bigger. I started with a photo when I did the first six, but now I am working just the way I like to.  I have a specific image in mind, but am more focused on conveying the embedded emotion.  I have four big pieces done, but not stitched and plan on starting the fifth today. I don’t like to stop and stitch when I am on a roll with a series.

Of course the topic occupying my time is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the fun, freedom, and adventure my sister and I experience there twice each summer.

We’re off in June, so as the quartermaster I am trying out new recipes.  Yea on the new granola, the carrot/pineapple bread needs more work, and the purchased chicken dish I tried reminded me why I make all our our food!  Time to also try to whip myself back in Boundary Waters shape after a long winter.

The “Big Pack” photo is back on my fridge as incentive. It’s 50 lb. and I’m usually good to go once we get it up 🙂

The other big activity keeping me busy is my gardens. I put down the frame for a 4×8′ raised bed veggie garden this weekend.  I’m hoping I have enough compost to fill it. Gardening on clay makes a raised bed garden a necessity for veggies.

Unfortunately my only sun is in my front yard and I raised plenty of eyebrows with the amount of lawn I have already taken up. Lawn is king in rural suburbia, but I need my own spring peas after buying them for too long at the farmers’ market.

That’s it for this month and don’t forget I try to share a more personal view of my art and life in my free monthly e-newsletter.


04 2011

Sightlines and my book at International Quilt Festival this week

The very unique and wonderful Sightlines exhibit will be shown at International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati this week.  Based on an exhibit design by tACTile group, the exhibit features fourteen artists who each made five to eight artworks spanning ten feet. Each artist’s work includes four small linking pieces and a line runs throughout all the artwork in the exhibit. I was honored to choose the fourteen artists for Sightlines.

Whether you are going to IQF or not, I can highly recommend the catalog.  The publication of this catalog was supported by a generous donation from Herb Anhaltzer, “in memory of Mary Anhaltzer, who wanted to put art quilts on the map.”   In 1999, Mary opened “Thirteen Moons Gallery, the first and only gallery in Sante Fe (and quite possibly the country) to focus on the hot “new” medium of the art quilt.”

Each artist has a four-page spread with an image of her complete installation, detail image, artist statement, and artist bio. The artists include: Britta Ankenbauer, Regina Benson, Shelley Brenner Baird, Yael David-Cohen, Linda Colsh, Sue Dennis, Anne Helmericks-Louder, Fulvia Luciano, Wendy Lugg, Kathy Nida, Pat Owoc, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Jayne Willoughby Scott and Leni Levenson Wiener.

There is also a foldout section that shows the entire Sightlines exhibit in a linear format – really a fantastic addition to the catalog.

I emphasize in my curator’s statement that I didn’t want artists who conceived of the sightline as a gimmick, but rather those who would be able to subsume it under a larger philosophical statement.  The artists succeeded beyond my wildest hopes.  Check out the catalog, designed by Deidre Adams, here on the Studio Art Quilt Associates’ website or buy it at the SAQA table at International Quilt Festival.

My book will be at IQF thanks to Cathy Neri of Quilting Books Unlimited.  Quilting Books Unlimited will be in booths 727/729.  Cathy will have Wild at the Edges for a special show price of $20.  That’s less than you can buy it on Blurb and way less if you take into consideration that there is no shipping.  So stop by and see Cathy at Quilting Books Unlimited during IQF.


04 2011

The Olympics of the Quilt World – So Much To See Next Week

International Quilt Festival will be in Cincinnati April 8 – 10 with a Preview on April 7.  You can see my artwork there in three different exhibits:

1.  Boundary Waters 50
Exhibited in Creative Force, a Studio Art Quilt Associate exhibit.
Catalog available. Juror: Chunghie Lee. Funded, in part, by a $25,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant.

2. Boundary Waters 52 (Knowing)
Exhibited in Beneath the Surface.  Juried Invitational. Catalog available.

3.  Boundary Waters 21 (From the Collection of Carol J. Moore)
Exhibited in 500 Art Quilts. Book available: 500 Art Quilts.  Edited by Ray Hemachandra and Karey Bresenhan.

More news next week about art and more at IQF – Cincinnati.


04 2011