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Collage, collage, collage

This week I’m still enamored of collage and multi-tasking as much as last week.  On deck this week are some collages incorporating paint, paper and wax in two different forms.

First up is a small series, Red Square, which are collages on artist canvas board mounted to a larger canvas board.  I have several mounted on white as shown here

and a few with the backing canvas board painted and waxed.   I like them both – totally different looks.

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09 2010

It’s all about the Red – my favs #2 from SAQA Benefit Auction

Lipstick Moon by Beverly Fine
“Wolf Moon, Corn Moon, Hunter’s Moon, Snow Moon. Can they hold back the tide like the woman in the moon?” Hand-marbled, hand-dyed, and discharged cotton, commercial synthetic fabrics.

Sometimes a little jolt of red is what makes an artwork really call out to me. This is one of the many small fiber artworks to be auctioned starting Monday, September 27 to benefit the Studio Art Quilt Associates. This is the second group of artwork of the auction with one more group coming up on October 4. This a great way to begin or add to your art collection.

Preview the bidding form and all the artwork here.  Be sure to click on the What You Can’t See on the Computer link for more information about each artwork

Below are two more of my favorite artworks:

Poppy Fields
Desiree Dianne Habicht

I rescue all of the paper towels my students throw away after teaching a fabric painting class. These paper towels are often more beautiful than some of the fabric. Background is painted fabric, poppies are painted paper towels. Stitched and beaded.

Robo Sapien: Agent 10
Kathy Weaver
Hand-printed/dyed satin, velvet, cotton. Hand-stitched.


09 2010

What I’m Working On

As soon as the weather turns cooler, I am fired up to create.  It is as though a switch is flipped and I am ready to go in the studio and work.

I’m working on both mixed-media collages and small art quilts at the same time.  Here is a detail from small art quilt in progress:

As always, I find that after a very textured “run” of artwork, such as Boundary Waters 48, I turn to a more simplified and painterly look.

And here is a collage, part of a series called Survivor, that is done except for mounting on watercolor paper:

I see more and more barns falling down every week, but, of course, it’s also about something more:  Standing firm in the face of adversity. The barn is from a photo, made into a linocut, and then a rubbing was done on rice paper with inked details.

Here is the next set of collages, entitled Red Leaf, in progress:

I’m going to be unveiling all my new artwork during my birthday celebration.  Be sure to mark your calendar for October 13 and 14. There will be bonuses, special offers, and more as my once-a-year thank you for all my art friends and patrons.


09 2010

SAQA Benefit Auction of Fiber Art now open

Overlapping Colors by Gwen Jones
Overlapping Colors is like music for the eyes. It is intended to be enjoyed by the viewers. 3D – layer upon layer of batik and other cottons, gold mesh.

The SAQA 2010 Benefit Auction is now open and conclude on Saturday, October 9 at 2:00 Eastern.

The Auction is run in three sections:  Section 1 – Pages 1a and 1b will be up for auction today through Saturday, September 25 with the other two sections to follow in coming weeks.

On the first day of each section’s auction, the price for all pieces in that section is $750. The next day (at 2:00 Eastern), the price drops to $550. The third day, it drops to $350, then $250, then $150, and finally $75.

Last year’s Benefit Auction raised $47,325. The funds raised through the Auction are critical to supporting SAQA’s exhibitions, catalogs and outreach programs.


09 2010

Garbage – Old and New

Remember my The Garbage Day Project?  I have wanted for some time to re-visit the hundreds of photos I have on file from that project.  So when a call went out from SAQA challenging artists “to venture into uncharted territories of creative expression by turning away from the comfort zones of their established body of work,” I knew where I wanted to start.

Above is a very small detail of Garbage, a new work in a new vein.  I’m becoming a little superstitious about showing new work before sending it to its first jury, so I will show the entire piece in the future.

New avenues I’m exploring in this artwork: Bigger use of my own manipulated photos, a pieced background!, a more subtle color palette, and hand-stitching along with extensive machine stitching,
What’s the same: It’s still all about the message as well as layers of texture and meaning.  And I hope I have kept some of the ironic nature of the original Garbage Day Project:  I’m making you look at garbage and think it’s beautiful, but there is nothing more insidious and wasteful in the world.

Just to keep us up to date, here is a garbage photo I took this week.  Our garbage guys are still coming in the dark, but some people are putting their garbage out early the day before.  I can tell you that the waste and quantity hasn’t diminished a bit.



09 2010