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Garden inspiration – it’s June!

As you know, summer is my time for inspirational living rather than spending too much time in the studio.  I focus on two things in June:  my landscape gardens and the Boundary Waters.  I’ll be reporting on the Boundary Waters as well as some upcoming exhibits in July.  For now, here are a few things I’m enjoying in the garden:

I have a new little camera for in camp in the Boundary Waters (Nikon L100).  So I’m out giving it a whirl now.  This is Mary Rose rose from David Austin.  It survived my ill-advised burn-off of the big front bed.

Nigella or love-in-a-mist.  These, as most of my flowering plants, are almost done already. The seed pods of these plants are fantastic.

I have walking onions only because they are so very weird and architectural.

You know me and milkweed.  I’m still interested in their shape in every stage.


06 2010

A new collaborative art project – The Dream Rocket

Remember the gas station covered in quilts? Or the Tree Project?   Jennifer Marsh and her International Fiber Collective have a new dream — cover a Saturn rocket in quilts.

According to Jennifer, “The Dream Rocket aims to connect art and education through a global collaborative initiative. It will inspire participants to consider their dreams for a better future using Dream Themes such as Energy, Space, Peace, Science, Recycling, etc. The Wrapping of the Saturn V Rocket will recognize the power of global collaboration, and in turn, The Dream Rocket hopes to inspire individuals all over the World not only to dream, but also to recognize their power to pursue their dreams.”

Over 8000 panels are needed.  A variety of panel sizes can be sponsored/created by individuals or groups. There are now special $20 panels available or live wild and go for a 4×4′ Visionary panel.

In the spirit of better late than never, I’m sending my check (PayPal also accepted) today and hope to finish a panel by August in order to continue my support of Jennifer and her dreams.


06 2010

And the sublime – It’s England!

I wouldn’t want Maggi (thanks to you and Melanie for the comments) to think my last post was all that I appreciated about England.  Every day out walking brought new delights:

The joys of being a little bit lost.

A fine place to stop for lunch.

The beautiful stone walls (Andy Goldsworthy explained)

And now my thoughts (and efforts) turn to Trip #15 to the Boundary Waters.


06 2010

Textured, accumulated, graphic, quirky – It’s England!

Dry Wall Top and Sky

Travel is always good for the mind, body, and soul.  Just back from a glorious trip from England.  I was captivated, as always, by the textured, the accumulated, the graphic, and the quirky.  To wit:

Unbelievable layers of paint gone pale.

Ancient and new juxtaposed without care.

One of my favorite phrases.

Curbside self-service egg delivery.



06 2010