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ToteTuesday – How Does It Work? Part III – Bidding

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Today’s tote-ology post is about how to bid on ToteTuesday and other administrative details.

Part II was about tote contents.  Part I was about the totes themselves.  A preview of all the totes is here.

Bidding Challenges: There will be some bidding twists for the big finale of ToteTuesday on February 23 to help us raise as much as possible for the American Cancer Society. Four of the sixteen totes will be participating in an Olympics-inspired Gold Medal Round.  They will have no Go For The Gold bid as they will be competing to raise the most money for the ACS.  To reward your generosity during the ToteTuesday finale, there will also be special bonuses and incentives.  All the details here.

1.  Tote Tuesday will be held here on my blog from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. CST Tuesdays in February.  The last ToteTuesday will be February 24.

2.  Each tote will have an opening bid indicated. I reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing. Bids must be made in increments of $10. No need for sniping because any bids coming in too late to be posted before the 2:00 p.m. CST closing will be accepted but the former high bidder will have a chance to bid again.  Bidding between these two bidders will continue until one bidder chooses not to continue. So bid early if you have your heart set on a tote or artwork.

3.  Bids should be made by e-mailing me at Virginia(at)
Use the subject line “ToteTuesday Bid.”  Use the subject line “Going for The Gold” if you want to own the tote immediately (see #4 below).  You may include bids on more than one tote in one e-mail.

My advice is to be as aggressive in bidding as you are able as I am going to be looking for the highest bid to post and I will REALLY be looking for the “Go for the Gold” bids.  So don’t feel badly if you don’t receive an acknowledgment of your bid.  It just means you were outbid immediately.

If you are worried if your e-mail might be caught in my spam filter, go ahead and send a trial e-mail today with the subject “ToteTuesday Test.”  I am not responsible for the vagaries of the e-mail system.

Just Bead it! tote contents sponsored by Larkin Van Horn

4.  There will be a GO FOR THE GOLD donation (3x the opening bid) that allows the champion supporters of ACS to buy the tote immediately.  This option is only available until the bids reach within $50 of the GO FOR THE GOLD donation.  Why? We are fundraising and if bidders would like to higher than the Go For The Gold donation, I’m all for it.

Example:  Tote Opening Bid is $100.  The GO FOR THE GOLD donation will be $300 and will be available until bids reach $250.

5.  I want ALL the money to go to the ACS, so I will fielding your bids, updating the current highest bid and Go For The Gold winners when I can, etc. etc. Patience is a good thing and I appreciate yours.

Rustic Winslow Market Tote donated by Mary Ann Van Soest

6.  Once you have received confirmation from me that you are the new owner of the tote, proceed to Fiberart For A Cause’s ACS donation page immediately. If this link does not work for you, this is the url:

All online donation is by credit card. Be sure to use the Donate button above the FFAC blurb and NOT the one on the side bar. The donation form will indicate that you are donating through the Forest Lake, MN ACS Relay For Life.  Why?

You will receive an immediate electronic receipt from the ACS for the total amount of your donation.  100% of the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Do not make a donation until you have been notified that you are the new owner of a tote as there are no refunds.

7.  Your  e-mail will be shared with donors who will contact you directly to arrange shipping.  There may be shipments from more than one person.

That seems pretty easy, no?  Questions?  Leave a comment or send a note to Virginia(at)


01 2010

What’s new with ToteTuesday?

Logo by Jeanelle McCall

Where do I start?  I thought I would do a little fundraiser – – two Tuesdays, ten totes, maybe raise $1000 for the American Cancer Society.

Well!  Thanks to generous sponsors and donors, we now have over thirty totes listed with the actual number of sponsored totes in-progress approaching fifty. Here are the latest totes added to the list:

Fabric To Dye For (Frieda Anderson)
Collect Your Dreams (Diana Welte)
Share Your Art! (Franki Kohler)
Think Pink (Sandra Baker)
Studio Time (Peggy Schroder)

A list of all the totes to date with a brief description and links is here.

More information about this Rust-Text Collection tote.

I’m Tweeting about basically nothing except ToteTuesday at least from now until February 2, so that is a good place to find all the latest news.

More information about how ToteTuesday Works:
3. Bidding

Last, but certainly not least, I must express my special thanks to Peggy Schroder.  She is working overtime to make ToteTuesday a success.  She volunteered (and is doing a stunning job) to track all the individual donations for ToteTuesday as well as to contact fiber-related businesses who she knows would like to support our fundraiser. She is conceptualizing many wonderful themed totes featuring these donations, taking enticing photos of the contents for the auction, and making plans to ship everything out to the lucky winners,  Oh, and did I mention she is also doing her own series of “Have A Heart” totes with artwork and other donations from the “Big Names” in the art quilt world?  She is a tote-diva!


01 2010

ToteTuesday – How Does It Work? Part II – Contents

Logo by Jeanelle McCall.

Today’s tote-ology post is about tote contents.  Part I was about the tote bags themselves.  Part III will detail how bidding for totes will work.

1.  Each tote is wonderfully unique.  Artists and businesswomen in the fiber industry have been working hard to make these totes something you are not going to find anywhere else. We hope to have something “Made by Hand” in each tote and/or a custom-made tote.  Please show your appreciation for our generous donors by doing business with them.  All contents of each tote will be listed and shown in a photograph(s) as it comes up for bid

2. It’s a fundraiser! Our goal is to raise the maximum amount possible for the ACS, but sponsors/donors have been wonderful in agreeing to provide totes at a variety of price levels.  Be as generous as you are able and let’s celebrate the wonderfulness that is fiber.  Perhaps you can form a ToteTuesday bidding consortium with your friends and then throw a ToteTuesday party when the tote arrives.  What to keep and what to share – that’s the dilemma!

3..  Any amount you donate to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause above retail value is tax deductible (upon advice of your accountant, of course).

4.  All shipping is free to you thanks, again, to generous sponsors/donors.  Totes and their contents may come to you as one shipment or you might have the joy of receiving the contents directly from a multitude of donors.

If you have any questions, please contact me at Virginia(at)


01 2010

ToteTuesday – How does it work? Part 1 – Totes

Logo by Jeanelle McCall

Today’s tote-ology post is about the totes themselves.  Each themed tote will use one of three types of totes:

1.  A Relay for Life tote from the American Cancer Society celebrating the ACS’s largest grassroots fundraiser.   Relay For Life is near and dear to my heart.  I raise funds for the ACS to honor my Dad, a colon cancer survivor, and to support my sister who is chair of her community’s Relay For Life.

This sturdy and useful tote is 14x12x8″ and is just the thing to replace those plastic bags at the grocery store.  This tote will be shipped directly to you from me with the themed contents also being shipped at no charge to you from the sponsor/donor.  This tote is not added to the cost of any of themed totes using it.

2.  A custom-made tote to suit the theme of the tote.  Here is a great example made by Sue Kelly for her Altered Cloth:  Discharge tote:

3.  Some sponsors/donors are creatively expanding the definition of a tote and using fun vessels such as a Kenyan basket to hold their fiber treasures.

Tote-ology Part 2 Contents
Tote-ology Part 3 – Bidding

A list of all totes in progress with links and a brief description is here.

100% of the proceeds of ToteTuesday are donated directly to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause.


01 2010

Q&A with Pokey and a bonus video

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It’s always great fun to talk with Pokey Bolton, media diva.  She has a wide-ranging interview with me today on her blog about life, fabric, the Boundary Waters, Fiberart For A Cause and ToteTuesday.

As a bonus, and sure to make you smile, is the segment I taped for Quilting Arts TV on paper to fabric collage.  Check on the pearls and jacket thing I had going on that day.  It made ME laugh today.


01 2010