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Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus

I bet you have been wondering what I have been doing lately.  I have been focused on FOUR, and only four, things:

1.  Stitch until I can stitch no more


I am putting so much stitching on my three new big pieces that I actually had to learn to run the foot control with either foot to give myself a break.  I’m thread crazed at the moment.  I’m working in a total junkyard since I moved to Studio B while we are having some work done on the back of the house by Studio A.  I will say that cramped and cluttered don’t seem to bother me when I am under a deadline.

2.  Curating Sightlines Invitational for SAQA


What a joy !  I have spent hours upon hours visiting website and blogs of the 166 artists who sent in Requests For Consideration for this Studio Art Quilt Associate’s exhibit.  I have studied every artist’s materials four times already; the invited artists will be announced August 31.  This innovative exhibit will feature 14 invited artists who will create five to eight artworks on the theme of their choice. There are specific specs for some of the artworks, but each artist will have a ten foot wide by 7 foot high panel for his/her artwork. It is an innovative concept inspired by this exhibition by tACTile, an Australian group of textile artists.

The exhibition premiers at International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2011 and travels to the International Quilt Festivals in Chicago and Long Beach. A Sense of Direction: Sightlines will also be available for travel.

3.  Prepping for the Boundary Waters


Trip fourteen and it still takes some thinking to squish everything my sister and I need into three fifty-pound packs.  I am spending a fair amount of time prepping and drying all our veggies.  Then I will package all our meals.  A labor of love as you can buy stuff to eat, but, hey, I like to know what I’m eating.  Plus in the Boundary Waters you can eat whatever you want because it’s paddle, portage, paddle, portage.  So my general plan is healthy stuff followed by chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I’m only partially kidding about that.

4.  Getting in shape for the Boundary Waters


Three fifty-pound packs.  Two of those have my name on them (literally, as I have all the straps just the way I like them) as Nancy carries the canoe over on the first trip.  Since I broke my sternum I need to train more seriously as it takes FOREVER for all those muscles and whatever else pinged off to become strong.  It is so worth it, but if I could sustain being in shape year round I wouldn’t have to work so hard now.

So I’m a little busy for the next couple of months, but I will be checking in periodically. Enjoy life!  I am.


08 2009

Fiber ART Alliance post second Natural Lines artworks.

Fiber Art Alliance, a new group to promote the fiber arts, has now added the second artwork from each of its ten artists for the exhibit Natural Lines.

Boundary Waters 43

My artwork is joined by that of Natalya Aikens, Jeanne Beck, Rosemary Claus-Gray, Karen J. Cooper, Jacque Davis, Becky Howdeshell, Karen Shiehl Osborn, BJ Parady, and Laura Stangel Schmidt.

All the artwork may be viewed in a slideshow with size, price and artist statement.

My first artwork for the exhibit, Boundary Waters 42, is now in the collection of Mary Wise.

These artwork are part, of course, of the ongoing Boundary Waters series. I’m very pleased with these small artworks as they are some of my Boundary Waters themes made visible: the passage of Nature’s time, the brevity of human lives, and the beauty and serenity of a unique world narrowed to tree, rock, sky, water.


08 2009

Foto Fiber Fabulous opens September 3


08 2009

Today’s the day – support an artist in her fight

Anna Millea

Hearts For Anna, a fundraiser for Anna Millea, opens today at 10 a.m. Central time and continues through Sunday, August 16. Anna is fighting breast cancer – again. The disease has returned aggressively and is now in her bones, requiring an extreme sixteen rounds of chemotherapy. She has no insurance, having been deemed uninsurable due to her “pre-existing condition.”

More than 100 miniature artworks, no larger than 5″ x 7″, have been donated to raise funds to assist Anna in her fight. The items will be sold first-come, first serve, with all items selling for $100 on Day 1, $75 on Days 2 – 4, and $50 on Day 5. All money will go to a fund that goes directly to Anna Millea to help pay for her medical bills.

Morning Song

I don’t know Anna, but I happily made and donated Morning Song.  This could so easily happen to any of us.  I just participated in my sixth ACS Relay For Life in celebration of my Dad being able to say, after colon cancer, “It’s 15 years and I’m still here.”  I raise funds for the ACS in honor of my Dad, but welcome this opportunity to make a difference in one person’s fight.

UPDATE:  Just saw a Tweet from Lisa, CEO of Artful Home, that buyers should create an account to expedite their bidding.  I did so from the Wish List page from the main Artful Home page.


08 2009

Inspiration for Tuesday, August 11 – 2009


Technically this probably isn’t a very inspiring photo, but I still like it for its levels of sharpness and blur. The spider webs have been beautiful and numerous of late.

This plant is one of what I call Contractor Shrubs. They are planted because non-gardeners have a hard time killing them, although they are of dubious landscape value. This is barberry with nasty thorns.  I should have taken these barberries out when I started my own landscape gardening, but now have more or less muted them out with other plants.  I didn’t photoshop this at all, but the general hue of this small shrub is generally more purple than red.


08 2009