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Exhibit opens and a “field” review

October:  Field and Forest

The Surface Design Association Conference begins today and continues through May 31, 2009 in Kansas City, MO. The Members’ Show Surface Matters is at the Belger Arts Center. More information here.

Materials include white cotton fabric, acrylic textile paint, oil paint sticks, pigment ink, rayon thread, cotton embroidery thread, vintage polyester scarf, Lutradur, and velvet fabric.

I am generally impatient to begin and finish an artwork, but I was working on this piece while I had several other big artworks in progress.  So I added a layer a day and let it evolve organically.  You can read more about the creation of this artwork here.

It’s interesting that I unconsciously return over time to the same themes drawn from my love of the Midwestern landscape.  Here is January Fields from way back in 2003:


And this is Four O’Clock from 2004.


I was studying the work of Helen Frankenthaler at the time and wrote, “I am inspired by Frankenthaler’s work and words to capture that feeling in the sky and fields in Nebraska late in the afternoon in March when the sun is slanting down, the wind is blowing like crazy (as usual!) and we are teetering on the edge between the death of Winter and the birth of Spring.”


05 2009

Inspiration for Tuesday, May 26 – 2009


This orchard oriole is driving the hummingbirds crazy.  He loves their feeder most of all and so hangs out on the deck even if we are quite close by.

Nature report:  First hummingbird mating loop on Friday, the baptisia are starting to bloom, Japanese iris are almost done, standard iris coming on with the purple ones with white falls in full bloom.  I was hoping for peonies for Memorial Day, but no luck.  This is their first year, so maybe they will be earlier next year. I bought one heirloom tomato this year – Nebraska Wedding.  No idea what it is, but I liked the name.


05 2009

New artwork for SAQA Trunk Show

Water, Tree, Rock and Sky:  Boundary Waters
White cotton cloth, textile paint, oil paint, black duck cloth, polyester cloth,velvet fabric, tree warp, silk organza inkjet printed with artist’s photos, rice paper, ink, foil, rayon thread.

The  Meet SAQA’s Artists:  20th Anniversary Trunk Show, including my artwork above, will be traveling by request to Studio Art Quilt Associate’s regions throughout SAQA’s 20th Anniversary celebration.  Each artist was asked to create a piece of artwork that showcased a process, technique, or style that represents her/his artistic voice. Of course, I wanted to show my layering of materials, use of typography, and the Boundary Waters as subject matter.

Each small artwork was placed in under 12″ square mat with an 8″ square opening.   Vou Best brought many of the artworks to my residency Open Studio in February in Texas and you can see the presentation of each artwork in the photo below:

I’m holding Jamie Fingal’s artwork with Vou Best, 20th Anniversary Trunk Show Curator
Photo by Jamie Fingal

A portion of Meet SAQA’s Artists will be selected to become a study collection at the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. IQSC is devoted to the preservation, study and exhibition of quilts and to sharing its resources with the public. The donation of the selected works from the “Meet SAQA’s Artists” project will create an important archive representing both SAQA and the artists who are working in the studio art quilt medium in 2009 – a historical benchmark to assist future historians, academics, writers and others tracking the art quilt movement.


05 2009

Inspiration for Tuesday, May 19 – 2009

Spring Hearts

This is, of course, bleeding heart.  Such a pretty and delicate plant for Spring. My Mom gave me a start of a white bleeding heart last year; it hasn’t even thought about blooming yet.  The garden seems ahead of itself with Nepeta, Japanese iris, perennial bachelor buttons and peony ready to bloom already.  The daffodils are done and the tulips are just going over. It’s been so perfect with the purple and pink tulips setting off my purple front door.  The weeds are winning at the moment in the BIG front bed.


05 2009

Call for Artists – Blurred Boundaries

Human Nature 7

I am delighted to be asked by Lynn Krawczyk to juror Blurred Boundaries, an exhibit of mixed-media fiber art. The full prospectus is here.  Below are the basic guidelines:

* Work must contain a minimum of 25% fiber to be eligible 
* 2D and 3D work is accepted
* $100 People’s Choice Award and an opportunity to sell artwork

* Entries are due by June 20, 2009
* Artists will be notified of acceptance by August 1, 2009

* Open to U.S. residents only
*Venue:  August 31 – September 4 at the Raddison Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Open to the public Noon – 5 p.m. every day. The exhibit will run in conjunction with the Fabrications Retreat.


05 2009