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Joy in the Making

Boundary Waters: Fire

I haven’t been able to sew for most of the summer due to a pesky injury, so returning to my sewing machine was great joy. I love all fiber and I am happy being able to choose to work on collage, sculpture, artists’ books or art quilts.

But, after being forced away, I was thrilled to be putting a new blade in my rotary cutter, oiling and cleaning my beloved little Bernina, and smelling that delicious smell of an iron heating. Why make art (besides having the overwhelming need to SAY something) if you don’t love your tools and materials?

This artwork was purely for myself. I haven’t done free motion quilting (FMQ) in years and have come to regard stitching as a construction tool and supporting player in my artwork. But I was in a mood to sew and I wanted batting (shocking for me) and I wanted lots of quilting. FMQ is a use-it or lose-it kind of skill, so we won’t be looking at any close-ups of that! But I was very pleased how the blue yarn was exactly the finishing edge I wanted and went on perfectly (love that couching foot).

Boundary Waters: Fire detail

The writing was done using 3B Staedtler drawing pencil (a technique I used before in the Portage series) and tells the story of my sister and I in the Boundary Waters returning from an expedition and seeing billowing smoke behind our campsite on the opposite shore. We weren’t sure where exactly the fire was or how fast it was moving, so we took emergency measures (some of them quite hilarious) in case we had to take the canoe out to the middle of the lake and go in the water to save ourself. The fire was put out before it came to our lake – whew! – but it was an occasion worth commemorating.

Boundary Waters: Fire Detail 2


08 2007

Correspondence #9 Wins Award


Correspondence #9 has won a Juror’s Award in the Balancing Act exhibition.

Balancing Act, a Studio Art Quilt Associate exhibit, will be at Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, MI September 5 – 28. The opening reception will be September 7 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

SAQA exhibition organizers Susan Sanborn North and Lynn Krawczyk, explain, “The theme of Balancing Act refers to the choices every artist makes to develop an interesting composition. The definition of an art quilt is that of a contemporary artwork that explores and expresses aesthetic concerns common to the whole range of visual arts: painting, printmaking, photography, graphic design, assemblage, and sculpture, which retains, through materials or techniques, its relationship to traditional quilting.”

This exhibit will feature over 35 juried works by quilt artists from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. A catalog will be available.


08 2007

Last Two July Collages Available

July 31

The last two July collages are now posted on my website.

What a run! 31 collages – 13 for the International Collage Exhibition and Exchange, 4 for Fiberart For A Cause’s Collage Mania, 6 to patrons and 8 available.

My thanks to Heidi Miracle McMahill who added July 29 to her collection.

July 29

And Lynn Krawczyk who added July 25 to her collection.

July 25


08 2007

New post on The Garbage Day Project


If it’s Tuesday, that means there is a new post on my other blog, The Garbage Day Project.

The bonus photos today are a little different. I dried lots of veggies for our September trip to the Boundary Waters. It was a palette of color and texture when I had them all lined up for prepping meals. Bon appetit!






08 2007

Pre-Release Review by Lesley Riley


Pre-Release Review of Art, Nature, Creativity, Life by Lesley Riley:

It has always been a treat to get Virginia Spiegel’s newsletter in my email box. It’s a chance to slow down and read words that remind me of the connection between art, life and nature. Each issue leaves me wanting more. Well, now we’re all in luck because Virginia has compiled her newsletters into an e-book, and readers can get a dose of inspiration at the click of the keyboard. I have always been more interested in how an artist creates than what is actually created. With Virginia’s new e-book I can have it all – process, production and product, shared in words and stunning photos.

Visit Lesley Riley’s website and blog.


08 2007