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New Garbage Day Project post & Weaving


It was a great day for The Garbage Day Project which means it wasn’t a very good day for recycling. Three photos are up on the webpage as well as a note from Susan from Alaska on recycling plastic pots. The Garbage Day Project will soon have its own blog as the posts are stacking up and archives would be more efficient.

Today’s bonus photos is of a weaving I just finished. I haven’t a clue about weaving (as you can tell by the shape of this piece), but I saw this children’s loom in a magazine and asked my Dad if he could make me one. He made three; this is the medium size one. The looms are works of art in themselves, but sometimes I’m in a mood to just play with color and texture. This weaving includes dyed fabric, dyed chenille, tulle, gold webbing, fly fishing threads, dyed cheesecloth, ribbon, and, of course, yarn. Here’s a detail:



07 2007

Larger photos of Boundary Waters series

Boundary Waters 10
22″h x 108″w

Per your request, I have changed out many of the Boundary Waters series photos to a larger size. Click here to see them. Many of the detail photos are new and larger also. I have high res photos if you are interested in a work and need an even bigger photo.


07 2007

Weekly inspiration photo


Since the garden is in full bloom, I think you can expect flowers to be the inspiration theme for awhile. This is purple coneflower. I always allow the last batch of blooms to go to seed for the goldfinches.

An update on the wrens from last week. I seriously misunderstood what was afoot as the wrens are very busy this week feeding their hatchlings. No fabric painting this week as the wrens are now highly protective of their nest baskets and I wouldn’t want to disturb them. In any case, it is so humid that the paint would never dry. Ah, the Midwest in July!


07 2007

New photos for Go With The Flow details

Go With The Flow #18

Go With The Flow #8 will be going to a new home soon. When I took a look at the detail pages for this series I realized they were very dark.

So the new and improved detail photos are up for the Go With The Flow series. This series is based on the novel Ahab’s Wife, a re-telling of Moby Dick from a feminine perspective. This is probably the most heavily embellished series I have ever done, but it was easy to do with the female, ocean, and whale imagery.

As always if you are already a patron of mine, it’s free shipping and, for this series, a nominal $5 for new patrons.


07 2007

The Garbage Day Project – New post


It’s Tuesday and that means there is a new post on The Garbage Day Project with a new addition also to Amazing Things a Garbage Truck Can Crush.

Would you be willing to photograph and analyze your garbage for a week? Rebecca Carter did and I’ve included links in The Garbage Day Project to her report about that and her other efforts to make a Greener Miami.

Today’s bonus photo is a recycling bin collage. I love the random bits of red.


07 2007