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New artwork – Boundary Waters series


Boundary Waters #24. 9×41″ Detail below.

All the Boundary Waters artwork for my solo show arrived safely. Boundary Waters #19 didn’t make the trip as I decided it needed to be re-worked before its debut, but fourteen other works will be shown May 1 – June 30. I will be attending the Opening Reception May 5.



04 2007

The Garbage Day Project update



If it’s Tuesday, it must be a new photo on The Garbage Day Project webpage. Everyone is in the mood to clean out their garage.

Today’s bonus photo was chosen for its closeness in color and theme to today’s TGDP photo.


04 2007

The Garbage Day Project Update


A new photo has been posted to The Garbage Day Project.

The bonus photo today is an update to the very first Garbage Day post. The crocheted fabric ends are a little worse for wear, but otherwise Winter Trellis stood up well to its first winter. In a few days there will be yellow daffodils blooming behind it; I’m so glad I didn’t install it on top of the daffodils.


04 2007

The Garbage Day Project update

Go With The Flow #18

The Garbage Day Project brought an interesting mix of textures today. An added bonus to the GDP is that the garbage trucks come before 7:15 a.m., so I have to be out early. 25 degrees today with birds in full nesting behavior despite the temperature.

The bonus photo today is from my Go With The Flow Series and is related in form and texture to today’s Garbage Day Project items.


04 2007

Virtual Studio is real!

Part of the palette of fabrics I painted in Texas for the Boundary Waters series.

I have some inquiries if my Virtual Studio at Make It University area sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine at International Quilt Festival-Chicago means that it will be online. Alas, or thank heavens, no. A Virtual Studio means that you will feel as though you are visiting my painting studio while at IQF-Chicago.

Actually it will be better than my real painting studio which is in my unfinished basement. So I usually don’t do any painting in the winter – too cold and damp.

But I am ready to go in my Virtual Studio after painting a 100 yards of Kona cotton during my residency in Texas during January and February.

The fabric (sample above) I painted in Texas was purposefully less “layered” than what I usually do in keeping with Boundary Waters theme.

I will be doing my usual layers of surface design (see April 4 post) in Chicago.

I have received word from Pokey Bolton that Createx has donated two big boxes of Createx acrylic paint for me to use. How generous of them!


04 2007