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In the Studio – What’s Up This Week (And a Request)


After weeks of chaos with the happy result of new flooring and painting, I’m starting to put back together my studio (complete with cat and canoe paddle) and new office space next door.


One of my main goals was to put the majority of my hand-painted and dyed fabric in the closet away from light exposure.  There is an identical tower on the other side.  This is strictly yardage; I have WAY too many scraps stored elsewhere.


I found this sunprinted fabric while schlepping fabric here and there.  I honestly don’t know if I painted it with Pebeo Setacolor or bought it ready-to-be printed; the printing was done with flora from my garden. In any case, it’s a beautiful honey color which should give you a hint about the topic I have in mind.  I just have it cut apart in random pieces here and thinking about it as a background.

Fiber5Kroute400And last, but certainly not least, I have been working on securing Sponsors for the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer.  No one needs a prize to donate to fight cancer, but it’s going to be a lot of fun thanks to the generous prize donation of artists and businesses.  Could you help decide what will be the Grand Prize?  Check out the Prize Sponsor list and then let me know which 5 prizes should go to one winner when we cross the Finish Line.


12 2013

What’s Up This Week in the Studio


As you know from last week, I’m in the painting studio while the work continues upstairs. This week I’ve been working on collages. The key to collage is having lots of fun raw materials.

People are always asking me what mixed media means.  For me it means I like to work with fabric, all kinds of paper, paint, and wax among other materials.  You can see examples of all those media even in the small photo above.  What’s important to me is transforming all my materials by painting with a variety of tools; screen printing; monotyping; inkjet printing using my own photos, stamping with my own carved stamps, etc. etc. before I even start collaging.


Here’s the general set-up with my fav purple chair. Note the painting I added since last week. Cheerful is good with winter coming.


Here’s what it looks like when I’m actually working.  Note the 10×8″ mat with a 7×5″ opening on the right.  I like to see where I am with a collage by using the mat as a framing device.  I use Liquitex matte medium as both adhesive and top coat.


Here’s an ultra-sophisticated collage press.  It’s the weight from the bottom of a floor lamp that died and an old woodcut.  Works a treat!


Here’s one of the works in progress.  See what I mean about mixed media?


11 2013

What’s Up This Week in the Studio


Well, I’m still in the painting studio (a.k.a the basement), but we are on the home stretch on the studio refresh with the painters hard at work. I have bins of fabric that need just something else before I can be serious about using them. The above fabric was something I did to use up paint, so I’m pretty sure I scrunched it up and then painted the ridges with a foam brush.  Then I took a film canister (remember those?!) and dipped the bottom in the paint and stamped away.

Sometimes an improvement is as easy as adding a color as in the above piece.  I painted half red and half blue – -double the possibilities.


I’m also hanging a few things on the wall down there to make it a more inspiring space. This is the trendy “hang-the-empty-frame” thing with the actually useful clipboard full of inspiration. Currently on display is my hero, Helen Frankenthaler.

collagebk Remember this?  It’s a 365 day collage book I did in 2006. (Here’s an interview with Pokey Bolton and WAY at the end is a short clip of the Quilting Arts TV segment I did about using the book as inspiration.  It’s worth a look just for my goofy outfit.).  Let’s just say the book has gone to a higher purpose.


I’ll share more when I have them in place, but here’s a pretty big hint.


11 2013

What’s new in the studio this week

1.  This artwork is finished and I need to put it up on my website:

Photo by Deidre Adams

The center of the artwork is based on a photo from The Garbage Day Project and is an ironic comment about making beauty from garbage.

2.  Work continues on my Merge and Flow piece for the Surface Design Associate’s member show in 2011.

This is Layer 6, but really more like 6 – 9 as it is layer upon layer of stitching.

This is Layer 8 which is screenprinted and painted tissue paper applied with gel medium.  If you would like to see more photos of Layers 7 and 9, please visit my Facebook Fan Page.  You don’t need to join Facebook to visit the page; I do tend to post their a bit more frequently.

3.  I have started  new artwork for an invitational juried exhibition.  I can’t say too much about it, but I can say that my theme is the difference between life lived online and offline.

I touched this piece of mystery fabric (purchased at the Textile Garage Sale in MN a couple of years ago) and, to be honest, it felt a little bit like skin.  Sort of soft and malleable.  This is just laying down what I call a natural grid.  A grid, but not too rigid or regular.  Next up will be some lettering (the heart of the piece).


11 2010

What’s new in the studio this week

Above is a piece I am working on for the Surface Design Association’s member show. This is about the fourth layer – red hemp string stitched down over the other layers.  Terrible angle for a photo, I know, but I had the end of it under the needle.

This is only a background for more stitching, painting, and screenprinting. The theme for the exhibit is Merge and Flow. I am working with photos from the Boundary Waters printed on organza and fused to other painted fabrics.  My artist statement will be about how the Boundary Waters has merged with my own life in totally unexpected ways.

This is my work table’s “compost pile.”  I am almost done with ten mixed-media collages for a fundraiser to be announced in November which is why I’m not showing more of the work-in-progress here.  Safe to say, though, that they are in the Palimpsest series vein.


10 2010