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Two new books showcasing art quilts – including mine!


It’s always exciting when a new survey book about art quilts arrives at my house.  It’s even more exciting when my artwork is included.  Art Quilts International:  Abstract & Geometric by Martha Sielman has long interviews with 29 artists and 97 artists with artwork showcased in the galleries.  It’s an honor to be included as Sielman received over 1300 submissions.

My artwork is Shagbark 2 and was placed beautifully next to artwork by Elena Stokes:


It’s a gorgeous book with plenty to occupy the mind and eye.  Of course there are many outlets from which you may purchase this 224-page book. But if you buy directly from Studio Art Quilt Associates, you will receive five notecards AND 45% of the purchase price supports SAQA.


Studio Art Quilt Associates will also be publishing Art Quilt Retrospective, covering art quilts and artists from 1960 through today. The introduction will be written by Janet Koplos, a senior editor at Art in America from 1990-2009.  Here are the juried artists.  I’ll share more info when I receive it as I’m not even sure at this point which artwork of mine will be included.  It really is an honor to be included.



12 2016

Become An Art Friend Today



Can you believe I’ve had a monthly art newsletter for at least ten years now?   I found an online version from 2005 and I’m still looking to find older ones.  My newsletter started as Art, Nature, Creativity and now it’s Color+Inspiration.

I’ve always had the same sorts of things:  News of upcoming exhibitions, artworks that I’m working on that I’m not willing to share with the “public,” inspirational photos, studio visits, and a short essay about what I’m thinking about that month.

 Why have a newsletter for ART FRIENDS when there’s FB, Pinterest, my website, and this blog?

Well, it’s personal.  There are photos from my personal life and in my studio that I don’t mind sharing with Art Friends, but really wouldn’t want to see out there in the world.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for a little giveaway.  Sometimes I want my Art Friends to share good news first before anyone else hears about it. And I often try to release new artwork to coincide with the newsletter so subscribers have one day to consider the artwork for their collections before anyone else.

This month I tried out a newsletter app which shall remain unnamed, but I just didn’t like how I had to bend how I think about my newsletter to its structures.  So it’s still that I send out an e-mail to subscribers and they click over to my website to read the newsletter.  It’s one click more, but I think it’s worth it.  It’s a quirky little set-up, but it’s definitely all me, personal, and how I want to chat with Art Friends.

However I WAS in the mood for something new this month, so I increased photo sizes, added more color, and kicked off a Tips and Techniques feature, and added MORE exclusive inspiration photos.

If you’re already an ART FRIEND, please let me know what you think about this month’s newsletter.  Feedback, positive or suggesting an improvement, is always great.

If you would like to become an ART FRIEND, just shoot me an e-mail (Virginia(at) with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.




05 2015

Celebrating the Publication of Two New Articles


It’s here! The Summer 2014 issue of Art Quilting Studio is out with two articles about my Boundary Waters series. The wonderful photography is by Deidre Adams.


The issue is available from the publisher and the usual outlets.


06 2014

A Visual Publications Portfolio


Two articles by me will be published in the Summer 2014 issue of Art Quilting Studio hitting the stands June 1.  To celebrate, I created a visual Publications Portfolio.

It’s a fun way to see many of the books, magazines, exhibition catalogs, and media showcasing my writing or artwork.


05 2014

Quilting Arts: In Stitches, Volume 8 is ready for download!


I’m very excited to have my artwork featured in two articles in the latest volume of the eMag, Quilting Arts:  In Stitches.  Versions of In Stitches are available for only $4.99 for iPadMac, and PC.

The first article, Monoprinting:  An Invitation to Experiment, is a how-to about monoprinting on fabrics with some tips on stitching on painted fabric. You are able to flip through a stack of samples I printed showing many of my tricks-of-the-trade.  For each sample, I tell you how I applied the paint to the plate and also how I made the marks to print.  I also show the beauty of “ghost” prints.

The second article by Jane Davila is all about Renga, a collaborative surface design project.  I and five other artists each added a layer to a piece of art cloth before passing it along.  The  eMag makes it easy to click through the development of each piece of cloth.  Take a look also at the little notebooks in which we kept process notes and sent with each piece.  I couldn’t resist covering several of them with my own screenprinted fabric.

In addition, this volume offers in-depth articles on two of my fav artists:  Linda Colsh and Cynthia St. Charles.  Plus articles on faux snow dyeing, a way to add text that I hadn’t seen before, using texture gels and pastes, and much more.


10 2012