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I’m working on two collages using one of my photos (of a wood pile) printed on silk and MistyFused to monoprinted fabric. Of course, since I’m on a full-time handstitching mission, these will have a bit of that also.

Since I’m still working on the big hand-stitched artwork, I thought I could at least change it up a bit and show you the back this week even though that’s not the most exciting thing:

As you can probably tell, I’m working with greys, browns, blues, and coppery red threads.  I’m purposely working to pull up pieces with the stitching to add dimension.  The backing is wool/rayon felt.  I feel as though there is hope as I’ve secured all the little pieces with vertical lines of stitching and now it’s a matter of filling in between the lines.

Even though the topic for this artwork is approximately a square foot of shagbark hickory bark, I’m really working toward (as usual) more of an emotional response to its complexity and the depth of color in the middle of winter.  Slow going, but it is finally starting to coalesce.


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03 2014

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    Mary Ann, Thanks! It has been a real Midwestern winter this year.

  2. Mary Ann #

    Thanks for sharing Virginia,
    Just when winter seems never to end I find a post on
    facebook or read something that brightens my day,
    Look forward to seeing the finished piece of art.
    Mary Ann