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Back to our regularly scheduled programming after a HUGELY successful Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to that success.


Remember Borough Market in London?  I may have acquired a few boxes of artisan du chocolat bars while I was there.  I wanted to make a collage from the boxes.  This was the first thought on some beautiful cafe au lait painted fabric.  Too boring, no?


Here is the final result.  A postcard map from the Market, 3 coffee cups cut from different part of the chocolate bar boxes, mounted on backing board.  See the opening photo for the framed artwork. And I have enough cups left to make another artwork some day.

Mixed-media Collage
Virginia A. Spiegel

I usually buy art based solely on its appeal to me and don’t worry about themes when I hang it.  But I have nevertheless have a nice start on a java-themed collection.  It makes sense; it’s just a variation on collect what you love.

Java Java
Mixed-media collage
Virginia A. Spiegel

Note the wall in the opening photo is painted espresso brown to encourage me to collect more.  Shown are two Jeanelle McCall mixed-media collages, a Jamie Fingal small art quilt, a Susan Sorrell heavily stitched fabric collage, an Ellie Kreneck small art quilt (purchased through the Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. auction – a great source for small artworks),  some postcards from a roaster in Alaska, and the rest are my collages and photo.

One last thought on collecting – HANG YOUR ART.  I had so much art in storage that I didn’t even know what I had.  So I just starting putting up nails and hanging art as I found it during the great studio refresh.  As you can see on my java wall, a little more planning might be nice.  But the important thing is to have art where you can see it and appreciate it every day.

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