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Carol Sloan is a mixed-media artist and workshop instructor. I don’t think I could write a better description than Carol did herself:
In photos of me as a young child, I was always clutching a crumpled paper bag. Those bags were chock full of treasures- feathers, rocks, leaves and all sorts of ephemera.  As an adult, I do the same thing.  I am a collector of things, nature lover and creator of odd little works of art. I draw. I paint. I make books then draw and paint in them. I love textiles and layers of texture. I love to teach creative workshops and help people to see that creativity is necessary to live in this world.   

Visit Carol’s Etsy shop for a taste of her wide-ranging interests.  Of special interest are the more than seventy artist’s drawn images available as Thermo-fax screens.  Truly unique!

1.  What made you decide to Sponsor the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer?
My family has been torn apart by the ravages of cancer. I lost my older sister to renal cell carcinoma. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. My husband’s mom and grandmother died from breast cancer. His step mom was being treated for lung cancer when she died from a stroke. We lost one of our good friends to pancreatic cancer. I felt that it was not only my duty but my honor to support a project that was donating money towards fighting this wretched disease.

SloanStencils400Carol created this Thermofax screen, Things With Wings, for the Fiber 5K.

 2.  What are you working on in your studio or what’s new in your biz?
I have just finished a huge studio reorganization. I spent several days going through everything in there (and there was a lot in there), throwing out, donating and separating things to sell. It was a cluttered mess before this so I am really looking forward to beginning new work in there. I loved the “new” studio so much that I started going through every room in my house doing the same thing!

I do have several pieces on my design wall, just waiting for inspiration to hit. I have a few shots on my blog of some of them – natural dyed, rusted and hand stitched.

I am also working on two articles for a June release publication. I always seem to race up to my deadline so I am scrambling with step outs, creating new pieces of art for photos and writing.

I love doing it though!

SloanRust500Rust Media Packet by Carol – Shown here sewn together. More information.
Both of Carol’s prizes will go to one winner when we reach the 4K mark ($4000 raised).

 3.  What is one of your goals for 2014?
I want to write for publication more. It’s so exciting to see your articles (and projects) in print and I love hearing from people that were inspired by them. I also have a really good idea for a book that I want to work on.

4.  What big trend do you see in the fiber/textile world in 2014?
I have to be honest here and say that I don’t get out enough to know what trend is in or coming in!

It does seem that digital printing on fabric is getting very popular. Oh, and thermofax screens (see my Etsy shop!) are selling like crazy right now.

 5.  What advice do you have for new artists?
Take the time to develop your own voice. And do this by making more art. Learn to lean into your mistakes & love them- because that is where you learn the most and where some of your best ideas come from.


The Fiber 5K opens on Wednesday, January 15 at 10 a.m. Central.
All donations during the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer are made directly to the American Cancer Society
through Fiberart For A Cause. Our goal is $5000.
Fiberart For A Cause has donated more than $230,000 to the American Cancer Society since 2005.

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