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Day6VandSketchBook300Virginia A. Spiegel in her natural environment

It’s not often that one is able to quiz oneself, but I thought I would step up to the plate and give myself the A Year of Art Q&A.  I won’t write myself a snappy introduction since I’ve been blogging here since 2007 and I would guess most of you know me by now. If not, the important things are that I’m the founder of Fiberart For A Cause and a mixed-media artist. Please consider yourself personally invited by me to join us for the fun and fundraising of A Year of Art on February 12 and 13.

1.  Describe your artwork for A Year of Art in five words.
Heavily hand-stitched textured rock.

Old Rock by Virginia A. Spiegel
Available during A Year of Art
February 12 and 13
(It’s worth clicking over to see the detail shot – this size photo really doesn’t show the stitching.)

2.  Describe your source of inspiration for your artwork.
You know the Boundary Waters is never far from my mind. National Geographic named it one of the 50 Destinations of a Lifetime for a reason.  It’s a million acres of wilderness set aside on the Minnesota/Canadian border.  My sister and I will have our 20th wilderness canoe adventure there this summer. Specifically, I was inspired by the amazing rock formations in the Boundary Waters. Each rock formation has its own beauty and is frequently fissured, covered in moss or other vegetation, and layered in amazing ways above and below the water.

 3. If you could switch to another medium as a career, what would it be? Why?
As I said in Karen Stiehl Osborn’s Q&A, I wouldn’t mind joining her and Jamie Fingal for some welding lessons.  I did it one time with my Dad and it is amazing to create BIG stuff in a short amount of time. The polar opposite of fiber artwork. I am finding, though, that I am more creative when I limit myself by focusing only on paint, paper, cloth.  Oh, and photography.

4.  Do you support any other good causes besides Fiberart For A Cause?
FFAC is really my focus as I fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in honor of my Dad, a colon cancer survivior, and my sister who is chair of the Forest Lake Area (MN) Relay For Life.  Relay For Life is a grassroots effort by communities (and schools) to raise funds for the ACS.  Fiberart For A Cause has raised an amazing $220,000 thanks to the generosity of fiber artists and patrons.

5. What’s coming up for you in the near and far future? 


I created a pair of shoes, Call of the Wild, for the Kick Off Your Heels fundraiser for heart health coming up in May 2013.


I’m working on a new series, Formerly Present.  The entire series is about the endless recycling of human-made and natural objects; the beauty of things decaying with a promise of renewal and returning life inherent in their disappearance.  The newest works in the series are loosely based on this photo.  I found these leaves of a hosta buried under the snow, ghosts of their former selves and, yet, harbingers of green life to come.

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