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Jane Dunnewold.  I probably could quit with just that as an intro as anyone interested in fiber knows who Jane is.  One of the first books I ever read about fiber art was her groundbreaking Complex Cloth.  I am a ruthless weeder of books, but I still have my dye and water-stained copy.  In addition to being a working artist, Jane is a prolific author and teacher. Her Art Cloth Studios online store has an amazing selection of books, DVDs, and more.  Jane is currently serving as President of Surface Design Association whose 2013 conference, In*ter*face, will be held in Jane’s city of San Antonio.

1.  Describe your artwork for A Year of Art in five words.
Pushing surface design to include natural objects.

DunnewoldUntitled300Untitled by Jane Dunnewold
Available February 12 and 13
A Year of Art
Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

2.  Describe the source of inspiration for your artwork.
I am a huge fan of texture – real and implied. This is an example that pleases me because I was able to incorporate real dried leaf skeletons in a way that stabilized them and made them an integral part of the design.

3. If you could switch to another medium as a career, what would it be? Why?
Please don’t make me!! They all pale when compared to the versatility of textiles and mixed media.

4.  Do you support any other good causes besides Fiberart For A Cause?
I do, but would feel self-aggrandizing to make specific private projects public, since that’s not why I do it. ON another very public note, I am President of the Surface Design Association, and while it is a tremendous honor, it takes many volunteer hours every month to keep the organization moving forward. I don’t feel too comfortable mentioning those long hours, as every board member does the same, and the staff works extra “free” hours regularly to bring our goals to fruition. I am very proud to be connected to these selfless, untiring folks. It’s a gift and makes my hours a pleasure to contribute.

5. What’s coming up for you in the near and far future?


A new studio is in the works. This is a life dream, made possible by contributions and loans from many friends and supporters. Purchased a year ago, the old Victorian house is updated now as a dry studio for critiques and writing classes.


The wet studio will be finished by the end of January – or better be – since I have a class set there for the last week! This new space will allow me to teach small groups in a retreat setting. I won’t stop going on the road, because I have my favorite places to teach and will always love going to them, but it will be nice to have another wonderful option at home. Anyone interested in classes should check my website for the 2013 calendar.

AND plan to come to San Antonio for the 2013 Surface Design Association biennial meeting in June. It’s going to be the conference of the year!


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