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Linda Colsh‘s artwork always asks us to think – what is happening in the artwork, who is this person, what is the inspiration that evoked this mood?  I think of Linda as a story teller with little vignettes inviting us to look more closely at the artwork. An American living in Europe for over 20 years, Linda brings an interesting perspective of being both an insider and an outsider to her art.  Linda has exhibited in prestigious exhibitions throughout the world and was a juror for Quilt National 2013.  She is active in professional organizations promoting art quilts and other forms of fiber art.

1. Describe your artwork for “A Year of Art” in five words.
What’s behind her locked door?

The Lock by Linda Colsh
Available during A Year of Art
February 12 and 13
A fundraiser for the American Cancer Society


2. Describe your source of inspiration for your artwork.
The tiny woman unlocked the door in the huge porte cochère. I watched her go from the Rome backstreet into a place I couldn’t know. I imagined it was a cabinet of curiosities, a palazzo full of artifacts, antiques and wonders.  Layers cover and hide, then peel and reveal. Surfaces are papered and painted over, then scratched and dug to show partial secrets again. The actual strata reflect back a smeared and fogged mirror of time and history.

3. If you could switch to another medium as a career, what would it be? Why?
I would only make minor lateral movement, sidetracking into printmaking or painting or working with paper. The focus and direction I feel with my current medium means no compelling reason to move far from what I do.  Exploring how liquids act, move and react on substrates like fabric and paper (and, with monoprints, on various surfaces and then how they transfer) intrigues me. Also, the last two years or so I have been working more with scale: the relationship of visual elements to each other in terms of relative scale and also using tools sized out of the “normal” range, such as painting with brooms, mops and huge brushes.  Those kinds of things lead my means of working into new places.

4.  Do you support any other good causes besides Fiberart For A Cause?

home_logoI support Studio Art Quilt Associates, Surface Design Association, and several art museums.

5. What’s coming up for you in the near and far future?
With my successful major gallery show here in Belgium closing next month, I am working on artwork for my retrospective exhibition in France in the autumn and my last teaching commitments in Europe before our planned retirement move back to the US.

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    I am intrigued that you are planning to “retire” to the US. No artist ever retires. Where are you thinking of settling? I can recommend Philadelphia. Good luck on what sounds like a very busy year.