Yvonne Porcella: Philanthropist and Godmother of Art Quilting


Yvonne Porcella

 Who doesn’t know and love Yvonne Porcella?  For more than thirty years she has been a powerful advocate for the art quilts and those who create them, including founding Studio Art Quilt Associates. Yvonne is known for the colorful, joyful, and positive nature of her artwork.  Her work is held, among other prestigious museums, in the Renwick Gallery (Smithsonian Institute) in Washington, D.C.  You can read more about Yvonne and her artwork in this comprehensive press release on the occasion of her retrospective exhibit as the Distinguished Artist 2012 at the Carnegie Center, Turlock, CA.  We are truly honored to have Yvonne’s artwork as part of A Year of Art, Fiberart For A Cause’s 2013 fundraiser for  the American Cancer Society to be held February 12 and 13.

1.  Describe your artwork for A Year of Art in five words.
First press of olive crop.


First Press by Yvonne Porcella
Available February 12 and 13 during A Year of Art 

2.  Describe your source of inspiration for your artwork.
Olive trees, new industry and tasting rooms open in our area. I’ve done several works with the theme of olive. Great color combination, olive green, black, and of course, those red pimento stuffed ones.

3. If you could switch to another medium as a career, what would it be? Why?
Oil painting. I started out painting and gave it up for fiber work. When my just completed oil painting fell off my easel onto my warped loom, I had to make a choice.

4.  Do you support any other good causes besides Fiberart For A Cause?

MD Anderson Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project. This small wall quilt, Working Together, will be auctioned off fall 2013.
Also fundraising quilts for San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, Studio Art Quilt Associates, Quilt Alliance auctions, decorated shoes for Kick Off Your Heels fundraising event for women’s heart health.

5. What’s coming up for you in the near and far future?
Finish writing my life stories that I started in 2010 when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Yippie, I’m a 3 year survivor. Exnibits planned for 2014.

My son Don has a coffee roasting business, Porcella Coffee Roasters.
He is donating a portion of sales to cancer research.
I think I look like his drawing on the package.

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  1. Deb Cashatt #

    Love the quilt! Love Yvonne as the choice.

  2. 2

    Love the coffee packaging. It’s so Yvonne! And Yvonne’s the perfect person to start the Year of Art. I still remember my visit to her studio – as clean as a surgery room. And the cookies were yummy, too. Won’t bother to gush over the art – you all know it well.

  3. 3

    I’ve loved Yvonne’s art quilts for many years, and it was wonderful to read a bit more about her. It’s amazing to me that she continues to create fresh new art that is always so visually and emotionally exciting. Thanks for this post!