Lynn Krawczyk’s new online class: The Written Sketchbook

Lynn Krawczyk recently wrote an article for Quilting Arts, The Sketchbook is the Foundation, and received a lot of questions about why her sketchbbok was mostly writing.  Lynn answers that question and shows a way to use writing as a springboard to making meaningful art  in her new online class, The Written Sketchbook.

According to Lynn:

Once a month over the course of six months you’ll receive a link to download a PDF with a writing prompt. (Class begins on January 19, 2013. On January 5, 2013 you will receive an invitation to join a Yahoo group to discuss your writing with Lynn and other students, this is optional.)

Here’s what you’ll receive in each prompt:

* A different form of writing will be featured, such as haiku and photo essays.

* An exercise that explores that form of writing. Lynn will do the exercise as an example and then ask you to do the same.

Photo from Lynn Krawczyk

* Three additional prompts to serve as jumping off points for additional writing over the course of the month.

* A Featured Artist that has made writing an integrated part of her art process. She will share her own personal writings as well as show artwork that relates to it. Featured Artists include Virginia A. Spiegel (That’s ME!), Karen Anne Glick, Lynn Krawczyk, Lesley Riley and Sue Bleiweiss.

For more details, visit Lynn’s blog here.

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