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Just as the tulip revealed much beauty in death a week or so ago, so this Japanese Iris bud is as gorgeous as the coming flower. Purple is the color (and fragrance) of June. Iris, catmint, and baptisia are all in bloom and the air full of lilac.


Sometimes the wind comes up and everything falls out of focus. Even though this is technically a failed photo, I love the watercolor effect.

There’s a new post on The Garbage Day Project today. It’s the season of discarded lawn chairs, hoses, hose reels and more.

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06 2008

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    Hi, Natalya – Oh, I agree. A little pink and some white also. I plan on moving a few things around next Spring so I have even better combinations of certain pinks and purples together. It’s all about the flow!

    It’s not quite as good as being in a canoe, but “Float” is very restful.

    Thanks for stopping by,

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    beautiful pictures.. you are right! purple is the color of June, with a bit of pink thrown in. Oh and I love “float”.. it’s very serene..