Inspiration Tuesday and The Garbage Day Project

Shooting Star

What a perfect name! This flower, according to Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers by Doug Ladd, is member of the primrose family. I highly recommend this field guide, published in cooperation with the Nature Conservancy, as it is arranged by color of flower. While you have to catch the plant in bloom, it’s a good trade-off as plant i.d is easy and fast.

I am stubbornly sticking with my old Nikon Coolpix for my blog photos, even though I could use a Nikon D50. I like the challenge of shooting a good photo with a point-and-shoot camera.

There’s a post today on The Garbage Day Project. It’s more about texture than color.

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05 2008

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    BJ – Thanks for the tip. It’s always great to find out what the experts actually use.

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    I second the recommendation–and I have a degree in botany 🙂 I went to school with Doug; it’s a great book.

    Another one I highly recommend is ‘Newcomb’s Guide to Wildflowers’. While it says something about the northeastern US in the description, it covers the Midwest quite well. And is quite easy to use.