Screen Printing Techniques and Inspirations


Coming out any day now will be Issue 4 of the online zine Fibre&Stitch.

Included will be my article Screen Printing Techniques and Inspirations. The joy of an online magazine is photos, photos, and more photos.

I demo not only burning a Thermofax screen and traditional screen printing using a squeegee, but also my own quick and quirky method that emphasizes speed, variability, and the layering of partial images.

Editor Sue Bleiweiss adds a listing of where to have Thermofax screens made and I also talk about how to find and prepare images for printing unique images.

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05 2008

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    Jo – It is an article in the current issue of the online zine Fibre&Stitch. Here’s the link to subscribe:

    This issue has 84 pages so it is stuffed full of inspiration and instruction.

    Thanks for writing,

  2. 2

    Dear Virginia,

    Would love to get a copy of your “Screen Printing Techniques and Inspirations”. How do I do this?

    Thanks for your help!

    Jo Names
    Grass Valley, California

  3. 3

    Jacquie – Excellent! Let me know how it goes. V.

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    Hi Virginia, I am so excited about this article since I have been researching how to use Thermofax. I already belong to Fibre & Stitch so I just downloaded Issue 4 a minute ago. I am experienced with traditional screen printing but can’t wait to try your techniques.
    Thanks a heap!