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Do you remember when quilters were so fired up when a paper towel (or was it a toilet paper?) company showed quilters using knitting needles. What a flurry of activity!

A flurry is needed NOW as there is a bill that has a negative impact on every artist who wants to control the use of her/his artworks’ images.

NOW is the time to take action as “H.R. 5889 – The Orphan Works Act of 2008 changes the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act, and makes it virtually impossible for artists to protect their work. It basically allows anyone to use a design without the copyright holder’s permission.”

If you think that is overstating the issue, consider this quote (from an article in the New York Times) by Lawrence Lessig, a law professor at Stanford:

“Congress is considering a major reform of copyright law intended to solve the problem of “orphan works” — those works whose owner cannot be found. This “reform” would be an amazingly onerous and inefficient change, which would unfairly and unnecessarily burden copyright holders with little return to the public.”

I am going to refer you to several sources of information that can do a better job of explaining why YOU, dear reader, need to contact your congressperson with your concerns about this bill TODAY:

Gloria Hansen has been a voice in the wilderness among the quilting community. She has links to congresspeople, links to sample letters, links to articles and more. Scroll down her blog for all the information you need. Go!

Richard Genn – The Mickey Mouse Bill
If you are trying to understand why you should care, read this short article.

Read the actual bill and related Congressional paperwork.

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