20% off my books until October 23, 2012

Love that Blurb books has promos periodically.  You can now save 20% off any Blurb book through October 23.  Just use the code FANS at checkout.

That includes my new book above as well as my book of essays shown below.

Have those already?  Then may I suggest the catalog from the Rituals exhibit which includes my Boundary Waters 60 (RockTime).

The multi-page previews are one of the best things about Blurb books.  You can really see what you are buying ahead of time.


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10 2012

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    Thanks, Frieda! I couldn’t agree more about Gloria’s wonderful books.

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    I’ve got them all already, Virginia! And love reading and looking at them regularly. I’ll probably never get to the beautiful places you visit with your sister on your expeditions but I have the feeling I know them through your work. Now reading Gloria’s book (a must buy after your review) and enjoying that too. Can still remember buying her first book about quilts and computer, can it really be that long ago! It stayed next to my computer for years!