We did it! More than $7000 raised for the ACS.


SUCCESS!  We raised over $7000 for the American Cancer Society in just two days with a new event, Foto/Fiber 2012.

My sincere thanks to the patrons who were so very generous.  As always, our Honorary Chairperson, Karey Bresenhan, celebrating twenty-one years as a cancer survivor, was a steadfast support to me and the fundraising effort.

Of course, Foto/Fiber 2012 could not have happened without the donation of photos by Karen Stiehl Osborn and Cynthia Wenslow.  The BONUSES were provided by this all-star team of artists who also excelled in p.r. for the event:

Natalya Aikens
Frances Holliday Alford
Pamela Allen
Liz Berg
Sue Bleiweiss
Nancy G. Cook
Jane Davila
Vivika DeNegre
Diane Rusin Doran
Jane Dunnewold
Jamie Fingal
Leonie Hartley Hoover
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Lyric Kinard
Susan Brubaker Knapp
Lynn Krawzcyk
Jane LaFazio
Susan Lenz
Jeanelle McCall
Linda Teddlie Minton
Karen Musgrave
Gail Myrhorodsky
Karen Stiehl Osborn
BJ Parady
Cate Coulacos Prato
Yvonne Porcella
Wen Redmond
Sue Reno
Lesley Riley
Cynthia St. Charles
Susan Schrott
Suzanne Silk
Lura Schwarz Smith (with Kerby C. Smith)
Sarah Ann Smith
Terri Stegmiller
Mary Ann Van Soest

We have raised and donated over $220,000 to the American Cancer Society.  I hope you are as proud of our success as I am.

P.S.  It will take a bit to sort everything out, but the winners of the p.r. drawings as well as the drawings of fiber art will be announced no later than Monday, February 27.


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